Blockchain Interoperability Bitcoin Ethereum WanchainKey to Adoption

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Wanchain 3.0 is bringing blockchain interoperability between Wanchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. This key feature is so important for adoption.


Wanchain 3.0 Upgrade Bridges the Ethereum & Bitcoin BlockchainsCan WAN Remain Above $0.30 on This Strong News?

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Blockchain Interoperability Bitcoin Ethereum WanchainKey to Adoption

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  1. True about the wallet syncing. Wanchain takes forever to sync, sometimes I don’t load it up for months and I’m sitting there for hours lol. Been in the space for since August 2017 and slowly learning seeing as my IT skills were embarrassing, am I right in thinking when my computer finally dies, how simple would it be to load up wanchain wallet on a new device? I would presume that as long as I have my keys it wouldn’t be an issue? May seem a bit of a ‘specialquestion to some of you but any info would be great. I have wanchain desktop because having issues getting it onto my nano s.

  2. Hello, are you going to review Quant Network? It looks like the best interoperability project so far to me

  3. Wanchain are doing good things.
    Honestly though, I think long term the bigger platforms will implement interoperability, privacy and everything else

  4. I am forever loading up wallets to keep them up to date, may be a good idea to get another computer before the previous one dies and mirror your wallets, I find Wanchain probably the slowest and least user friendly ……I have also just set up a crypto only android phone, some of the app wallets are pretty slick……..My favourite wallet is Gincoin,fast,has instantsend, private send, coinmixing.

  5. ashvoj not having a blockchain is a plus to me. Token is not useless at all, it gives you access to the OS. Just like buying an iPhone gives you access to iOS the app store etc. Economics are being worked out in a very serious way btw. Interviews of their CEO (who is super well connected, even part of the establishment of Blockchain standards in the world) by Brad Laurie are very good if you want to take a look.

  6. Thanks for the great share, Larky! 🙂
    Knowing that Cardano is building its platform around scaling, interoperability, sustainability and effective decentralised governance, I have trouble seeing anything else as groundbreaking in the conceptual realm.
    Heoi, the more projects implement any of these separate features ASAP, the better it is for the current users. Projects like Zilliqa (sharding), OmiseGo (plasma), Wanchain & Digitex (interoperability), PundiX (payment processing), etc are doing their share of blockchain solutions and it’s very exciting to watch them grow by the months.

    tonu, I’m yet to find a project that is working on REAL decentralised governance where the consensus mechanism effectively distributes the power among a wide variety of community members. Na tawhiti, its still a zero-sum game of either who can afford to buy the mining gear (and reap PoW block rewards) or who can afford to buy the largest amount of coins (and reap block PoS rewards!). There needs to be some sort of middle-ground where the nodes/relayers/users can be rewarded as well, which is what Ouroboros is single-handedly tackling as now.

  7. Lark,
    Kyber Network is also active in the interoperability space. Not only do they connect different erc-20 tokens they also facilitate payment process irrespective of the underlying tokens

  8. Quant network Is a software operating program you simply download and it does everything you described it’s not a block chain but it mixes them all up right on the Internet easy as 123 they have the patents the CEO is eX finance guy From not the U k’s government and Mastercard I have never been more excited about any project in my life that is QNT on Idex

  9. Hey Lark. So i respect your opinion and would like to know what you think about suppoman’s recent videoGAME OVER?” Pretty grim stuff.

  10. God rest ye crypto holders,
    Let nothing you dismay.
    Remember Bitcoin’s all-time high,
    Was a year ago today!
    (More lines in the comments & see if we can do a full crypto carol. )

  11. I’m glad to hear that Wanchain is moving along, though I have to say that I’m most impressed with Quant’s development in the interoperability space at this point. And OriginTrail’s partnership with Oracle is encouraging for supply chain interoperability.

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