Blockchain 10x More Economically Valuable Than the Internet? – o teie mahana Crypto News

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Ripple Donates $50 Million to Boost Blockchain and Crypto Adoption

Ripple Introduces the University Blockchain Research Initiative

Ripple gives away $29 million of its cryptocurrency to public schools

China TV: Blockchain is Ten Times More Valuable Than The Internet

《对话》 20180603 把脉区块链 | CCTV财经

《对话》 20180603 把脉区块链 | CCTV财经

Blockchain Is A Breakthrough, Says Chinese President

Chinese Giant Baidu Baike Adopts Blockchain


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Blockchain 10x More Economically Valuable Than the Internet? – Today's Crypto News

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

24 kōrero

  1. Mass adoption is key to any crypto’s success. Education is key to mass adoption. With interest rates starting to climb, international banks and governments, especially in the EU, are going to feel the pressure relating to the cost of servicing debt. Tough times ahead for fiat for sure ! Help spread mass adoption and support for your crypto favorite by visiting and proudly wear the crypto message ! Visit our Pop Culture and Watch & Jewelry sections too ! Fun Stuff !

  2. china is heading out of the fud and into the fomo! look out when it takes full swing. look out for massive mooning

  3. Ripple donates $50 miriona… is investing $4 piriona. And the investments in the IOTA standards from the tech giants and some financial and logistic companies/organizations might be even bigger. Ripple should have way more money, but do they use them wisely? I don’t think so. There is a reason Stellar was created, and it’s better in every way.

  4. PanKopacz I couldn’t help but be cynical about what they said too.

    Depending on its use a public ledger can be used for both good and bad. I suspect the likes of China would be leaning on the bad.

    I’m sure they’re creaming themselves over the idea of being able to monitor every single transaction a person ever makes.

    As an aside, thumbs up for Re-L. A man of fine taste you are.

  5. More scumbags posting fake airdrops. Leila Tomina, Олеся Рыбалка, Dan Petresku and Ascaris Lumbricoides. They are trying to steal your money. Their postings are down below. Please let them know what you think!

  6. The world of cryptocurrencies is somewhat complex, and most have doubts about which crypto might be better to for invest or trust. Ko, have you heard of Deeponion? I have seen how it works, and in my case, I would trust that project, since it is an economic and private cryptocurrency, and it has the obfs4 algorithm for countries with a ban.

  7. Bittube deserves an exposure. Working product with good roadmap for 2018 and much much better than Dtube.

  8. Coinology 101 it is actually made at MIT. One of the universities that Ripple donated to. What a coincidence.

  9. the blockchain x10 is clearly better than the standard, in fact I know some cryptocurrencies that work with the blockchain x13 as it is Deeponion and Pivx, both are anonymous cryptocurrencies that are at a very good price to buy.

  10. Fantastic video, I think blockchain will have a big influence on economies in the near future. Hey would you guys ever consider doing a new ICO review video? If so that would be awesome, i’d love to hear your opinions on projects like Muirfield IP or Fr8 Network!

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