Bitshares Removed From BittrexBuying Opportunity?

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Today I was checking out Coin Market Cap and discovered a massive sell off for Bitshares and went to go buy Bitshares on on Bittrexx and discovered the currency will be deleted from Bittrex. Is it a good time to buy Bitshares?

Bitshares Removed From BittrexBuying Opportunity?

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  1. Bitshares is backed up by a huge market cap. It’s not gonna fade away over night. We could still sell em to a different exchange if Bittrex is closing em. I am buying.. Good one bro..

  2. I bought all the way down..many people have a hard time understanding what they do..this team has created an enormous opportunity for’s business model and tech is mind boggling..everyone should research this team and it’s is truly impressive..and they’ve already been established over 3 tau…they are already generating income, you get to vote as a coin holder and it is bringing a decentralized economy out of the stranglehold of governments..i don’t believe this crud about wallet issues..the government is clearly scared of this market because it allows us to be a separate societyit is truly a game changerthe transactions are lightning fast and i believe they will be the next Nasdaq of blockchain..this was a gift from the gods!!1

  3. I cannot transfer my BTS out of Bittrex, says transaction pending, WFT?

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