Bithumb Hacked, EOS Frozen Accounts, Singer Akon Launches Akoin – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newssinger Akon launching his own cryptocurrency, EOS block producers freese accounts going against constitution, Bithumb hacked, Bitlicenses for everyone and so much more!

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Empowering Artists and Streamlining TalentZEEPIN

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Empowering Artists and Streamlining TalentZEEPIN

Karl from Zeepin and I discuss how ZPT is working to empower artists and creators by giving the a rich suite of tools. We also discuss the their game Crypto Galaxy and the relationship with Ontology and NEO.

Gepostet von The Crypto Lark am Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018

Bithumb Hacked



Square Bitlicense

Payments Firm Square Receives BitLicense from New York

Xapo Bitlicense

Goldman Bitcoin

Bitcoin Is ‘Not For MeSays Goldman Sachs CEO

Circle CEO

Circle’s CEO Allaire: Every World Currency Will Soon Have a Digital Version

Crypto Money Flow


France Blockchain

EU censorship

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Bithumb Hacked, EOS Frozen Accounts, Singer Akon Launches Akoin – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

24 kōrero

  1. I wish the entire financial market dropped 10% every time some random bank got hacked for a measly $30 miriona.

  2. Thanks for the great work Lark. I’ve been updating about the news most part of the time from you.

  3. It seems pretty sketchy every time the market goes up or gains a little traction there is a hack on a exchange. Seems pretty weird to me.

  4. Thank you for not spreading fud and just calling iT as it is ! Great job other crypto youtubers can lurn from that ! 👌🏻👍

  5. Totally burnt out on crypto, but still find your channel interesting.

  6. Computer fixed its self now showing red as normal, got a bit worried about that GREEN market Cap for one day. Keep smiling folks all will be good, cheers Mr Lark

  7. Who believes these hacking events r actually inside jobs to create panic?

    That would explain why its so easy to pay it all back bcos its not even missing.

    Why these events occurs during the most sensitive times???
    Yeah i know, just an accident

  8. thanks for daily videos lark ji . news from various sources and links many don’t provide links

  9. How have you not picked up on the Skycoin story yet? lol drama, minus all the FUD it seems to be a great coin 🔥🔥

  10. You are gifted. Your flow is undisturbed. Not to say you can’t improve but I like to focus on the positives 👍

  11. Usdt is own bitfinex, eos works with bitfinex, eos pumps there own coinsee where this going lol

  12. woopit 01 I’ve been saying this for months. The tether / bitfinex / EOS relationship is…. Interesting to put it nicely

  13. Krisztian i believe it 100% after the U.S. C.I.A. confiscated 45% of my LTC held on BTC-E.. then sold literally a few months later for 10x and up thru government auctions..
    Payed $15 each for those, they sold em for near $250

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