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Bitconnect has been performing very well recently in the charts, and its popularity only continues to grow.

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BitConnect / BCC ReviewBig Money Lending Machine

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

31 kōrero

  1. Bitconnect print their own money, and people continue to buy it. Thats why it works in the short term. In the long term, I think they can implement limits or come up with ways to keep it going. Im just tired of people with federal reserve notes in their pocket calling anything a scam.

  2. You always have the do an the don’t s yes an the No’s in an outs it all end s with for though.cheers.

  3. You are a very funny man. This was an awesome review. For the most part no one really knows if it is legit or not 100%. I guess we will find out. Alot of people know this but take the gamble like with slot machines. I think you should put a referral link as you explain it honestly. Alot of people are in it believing it is not legit but I bet they’d rather go under your name than Trevon James.

    Keep on pistol shooting and earn that Bitcoin :))

  4. just hold onto your crypto. much faster keeping your money as crypto more than investing there. except if you wanna do the referral thing.

  5. Been on bitconnect for a week now so far so good hope it keeps going, nice review!!
    neocryptomy bitconnect referral

  6. One of the most honest and comprehensive crypto youtubers out there. Thanks for this vid Lark!

  7. Absolutely fantastic and honest review. I’m not invested in Bitconnect as I believe that it is a pyramid scheme on steroids that will collapse at some point in the future. Kudos to all the people that are getting rich off of it though.

  8. Great video! Love your objectivity. I’m staying away from BitConnect, but I like how you presented both sides quite fairly.

  9. A fair and balanced report. The most comprehensive and thoughtful investigation out there. Bitconnect is a Ponzi, a Pyramid a Scam but it has very long legs…..

  10. I don’t think a run on the bank is possible, getting of the platform is determined by the market, who wants to trade your BCCs for bitcoins. It is not controlled by bitconnect. The run on the bank is also controlled in some way by the(ki runga ki) 10 months term lock period of the capital.

  11. This a very well balanced review. Examined well from all angles. Regardless if it is a Ponzi Scheme or not people are getting paid and making amazing ROIs. Bitconnect will not be forever, but for now it’s amazing. Never risk more than what your willing to loose. Im still supportive of Bitconnect, if your looking for reasons not to invest then you will find plenty of them. No Risk No Gain.

  12. Weird Al lookin dude is possibly the most even-handed and fair crypto reviewer on youtube.

  13. Seems like people’s greed knows no bounds, they already got it good with the 2017 crypto gains but that’s not enough, they have to scam too. This will be another whip for Dimon to use when Bitconnect implodes.

  14. Yes its a good point. In Australia in the GFC the government guaranteed the big 4 banks deposits to prevent any runs on the banks because obviously they dont hold enough to give everyone their money. When governments start to object to BCC operating format who is going to prevent a run on BCC? Just because its on the internet doesnt mean its any less illegal in their eyes than any other similar setup on the ground. The Australian government is currently forcing banks to increase their reserves. Who is going to enforce BBcs reserves, who knows what their reserves and obligations are, compared to their capitalisation? does anybody know?

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