Bitcoin PriceHow Low Will it Go? Crypto Market Crash

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Just how low will the price of Bitcoin go? Are the experts right?

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Bitcoin PriceHow Low Will it Go? Crypto Market Crash

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  1. Kaore he mea nui. I’ll continue my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday. I treat bitcoin like a chest of gold. I just pick up a bit and stack it away. And since I never sold and my house is paid off taxes will be easy this year. When my w2 form shows up I’ll file the ez form. It will take about 15 meneti. If the price stays at this point, next week I’ll pickup another 0.27 btc and add it to my stack.

    I don’t even bother trying to predict the market. I don’t seem to have the mental capacity for it. But buying every payday is something I can do. Sure it would been great if I could have sold at 19k but I’m no better at calling the top than I am at calling the bottom. So I just buy every payday and let time do the heavy lifting for me. During the next bull run I’ll have to figure out how to take profits because by then I should have enough to retire on.

  2. Trying to target an exact bottom will never work. The best way, IMO, is just to dollar cost average in the coming hours/days/weeks. Don’t follow the herd. I’ll say thisNYSE aren’t putting BAKKT in place for a measly 100 Billion dollar market cap, that’s one thing we can bet on. 🙂

  3. The bottom will occur when there is a big drop in price and a massive amount of volume. Volume is key

  4. Think of all the super smart people that have moved from the tech giants into crypto, the massive institutions that are getting involved, and all the mainstream media attention that Bitcoin is getting. History has proven that Bitcoin always recovers. And when it does, the doubters finally look into the tech and become believers.

  5. I don’t understand why this once vibrant place is consuming itself, the Blockchain is real or notBitcoin is real or notCrypto is real or not
    Why can’t people see now what they saw last year, it’s only got better ? or not. All i know at this rate i will be even longer for other’s to risk a dollar as it’s proving to be a gamble rather than a investment. I don’t buy lotto but i am here.

  6. Hey Larky! Great video. The calm voice amongst all the drama. I have no idea where Bitcoin will land it’s little feet. It will do what a Bitcoin gotta do! Gotta keep the faith. 👍🏻
    Good to see Bitrat is still around! 😂

  7. Market cycles mess with people’s heads, the builders are still building, and the pillars of the community remain

  8. Well since The Bitcoin Rat doesn’t want to give us the answer, let’s see what the 80’s heavy metal group ‘Ratthas to say in the chorus of their only radio hit

    I knew right from the beginning
    That you would end up winnin
    I knew right from the start
    You’d put an arrow through my heart
    Round and round
    With love we’ll find a way just give it time
    Round and round
    What comes around goes around
    I’ll tell you why

    Well unfortunately I cannot draw any clear conclusions from this Ratt either. If Master Splinter were still alive perhaps

  9. good outlook MGTOW better than putting it in a bank, I got a few masternodes and just keep buying every other day……surprising how much is accumulated especially when you are MGTOW, just think how much people lose during divorce…..and that definitely wont go up again.

  10. I understand that bitcoin always recovers and everything but what about other cryptos that are superior to bitcoin in terms of transactions per second and speed and lower costs like XRP. Could any other superior crypto kill bitcoin or make it less relevant?

  11. Would you tell your opinion or any level which you think it might go at,rather than making useless video for that sake of views,One of the ridiculous video i have ever seen,whats the purpose of being an influencer when have no opinion just bla bla bla.Trevon James is even better in this regard

  12. And yes my opinion/research for you btc will test 3k first then 2500 and if 2500 breaks then 1300 but more than likely 2500 to 3k will be the bottom
    Ether is in free fall territory and $70 is coming then $40,Enjoy the free legit forecast

  13. These alts are looking mighty tasty. I mean look at Cardano, holy crap. $0.035 Wow that’s low. I’ve been hodling since September 2017. I’ve lost a ton of money in unrealized gains. I may have to dip into fiat with these stupidly low alts. Not sure what to do really. Are we ever going back to previous highs, I believe/hope so but one truly doesn’t know.

  14. +R C
    *>Nice one….when did you start?*
    I started in early 2014. My first purchase was a half a bitcoin at a price point of about 950, and I kept buying all the way down to 200. That sucked! But I kept buying all 2015 sometimes buying 6 ranei 7 bitcoins in a month. Then continued all the way up till disaster struck. That’s when Veer and Jihad began a war against the community, jamming the network and driving fees up to 50 dollars so they could ram through their Big block solution (so they could keep their secret underhanded mining method that delivered millions of extra profit every year). Vinny Lingham proclaimed that he had insider information that bitcoin was going to crash to 400 and other people I respected agreed with him. Then I panic sold over half my bitcoins for 900 a 1100. And used the money to payoff my house. And as soon as I sold, the price turned around and started going back up. That was the last time I sold bitcoins. While I enjoy having a paid off house, I do wish I hadn’t done it. I would have had enough to retire during the last all time high if I hadn’t panic sold. Oh well. Since then I’m back to the grind, buying bitcoins every month, trying to repair some of the damage. I can buy twice as much now that the mortgage is paid off but I only had a little time to stack btc at the 1500 or 2k level before the price started moving up again. I bought all the way up to 18k and all the way down to 5300. And now I may get a chance to buy around 3k. Hard to tell where it will be when payday rolls around. Between now and the 29th, the price could move around quite a bit.

  15. VentionMGTOW Well done mate….big respect to you. Kia mau te reira ake…you invest in any other coins or strictly bitcoin? Thanks in advance.

  16. Will Coddington you could’ve just sold a week ago and then doubled your bag now. Stop being so lazy with the hodl

  17. A fun with numbers wild guess, $3,333.33 will be the low point, and from there the Bitcoin Bull Beast of the deep red fiery pits of the abyss shall arise and bring retribution.

  18. Great strategy. Na, you don’t time the market. Less headache 🤕
    What’s your strategy to take out profits? Do you diversify into non-crypto assets (rakau, commodities, real estate etc)

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