Bitcoin Dump Coming? When to Get Out – BTC Analysis Hangarau

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Bitcoin Retracement or Bull Run Coming?

Bitcoin will most likely close for a new high for a 6th straight week! Is the bull run that everyone has been waiting for finally here? Mark is watching the charts so that you don’t have to. You need to know when to get in and when to get out. Mark will show what he’s looking at to give you some targets.

Mark is an active trader on the ACB team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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Bitcoin Dump Coming? When to Get Out – BTC Analysis Hangarau


Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

39 kōrero

  1. Most people are not day Traders or swing Traders just accumulate Bitcoin for the long term at these prices NO need to get out!!!

  2. Why are you guys complaining? If you don’t like/believe in technical analysis, you are very welcome to skip this one and stick to the news instead. The thumbnail and title says “Technical Analysis” so it’s not like you can be surprised. Constructive feedback is always great, Heoi, commenting without watching the video is not helping anyone. Nor is this video click bait.

  3. Great video guys!.. all these haters got their panties in a bunch looking for a magic wand to tell em exactly where the market is going. It’s called TA and nobody knows where the market is really heading

  4. Paul joseph Great! So am I, Heoi, some people might find this analysis interesting and they might even be traders. 😉

  5. Just reading the thumbnail and making a comment doesn’t do anyone any good. If you watch the video you’ll hear the bull argument. Spend ten minutes and then feel free to make a comment.

  6. 0x553e1BbFCAAbFe939d584dA1Fa63d27E0c3Bc3e0

    Thank you for the awesome content. I like how you guys mix up and vary the content.

  7. I feel disaster is around corner sell all now and get in when lower ..not financial advice.

  8. if i wan´t to sell my crypto in one year(taxfree) near the halvingi have to buy now ^^

  9. Smart money day trades dumb money hodls while selling low and buying high. Do what you want with this info.

  10. All right Mark is watching the charts so that I don’t have to. Now your talking! 0x7612b57bf48Fa9436a2f9A808d05DbC21Ffa62Ff

  11. -Rule nr 5 in crypto : Never sell it all.
    Heoi, the chance it goes down to leveldisaster”, is smaller than things moving up from here.
    The price of a coin is based on what people are willing to pay / sell for, not some indications on a chart.
    A chart reflects human behaviour, so you can somewhat anticipate how people MIGHT react, but it’s obviously no guaranty.

    Most people in crypto now, will not panic-sell if a dump happens, but simply buy more. Next to that a lot of people are sitting on the sideline, waiting to buy at lower prices.
    So it is less and less interesting/lucrative for whales to sell lots of coins at low prices. Even if their plan is to short while dumping coins.
    I tenei wāhi (when everything already dropped with 80% atu ranei), I wouldn’t recommend drastic actions based on feelings and/or chart-indications.
    Sit tight with what you have and simply buy more when things go down from here.

  12. +Andries de Haan thank you .. I think you are right ,,, I will HODL and not panic.. thank u

  13. There nothing like btc dump coming. Time with number it has been proven that TA are not reliable at all. The market will go which ever way it wills. How many times will you all predict and the exact opposite of your predictions happens

  14. ​+Cinque Terra You are welcome!
    Btw, if you absolutely don’t feel good about it at any certain time, it might mean you went in with too much money (more than you are willing to lose).
    In that case, sell off a certain percentage (my advice : Only when you break even or are already in profits).
    If it goes down, you can buy back in more coins than you sold.
    If it goes up, you at least have coins left to make a good profit.

    Hei tauira :
    I bought my first LTC’s at $50. It dropped to $35, I bought more. Then it dropped to $23. I bought A LOT more. Simply to get my average per coin down. (which was now $29)
    At that moment I didn’t felt very well about the amount of money I had in LTC.
    The moment it hit $30, I sold off 10% me tetahi atu 10% i $50.
    Now I’m in the position I don’t care at all if it drops.

    I did simular things with BTC, tiairaa'ra, BCH, BLK, ADA, etc.
    Simply don’t be too greedy and don’t make drastic moves. Go in with a small percentage, buy more and more IF it goes down and sell bit by bit when in the green.

    Have the mindset to rather ride your coins to zero, than selling it to someone else with a loss.

  15. +Collin Breidenbach no taxes for me my country is crypto tax heave. 0 tax on crypto

  16. I do enjoy these, because these charts are psychological indicators that people who believe in technical analysis follow, but just for fun:

    “In the religion of Ancient Rome, a haruspex was a person trained to practice a form of divination called haruspicy, the inspection of the entrails of sacrificed animals, especially the livers of sacrificed sheep and poultry. The reading of omens specifically from the liver is also known by the Greek term hepatoscopy.”

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