Bitcoin Dip on Cryptocurrency Black FridayBuying Opportunity?

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on a dip as a Black Friday sale appears to be presenting itself. Will you have enough confidence in the market to stay calm and observe the market in a way that leads you to grow your portfolio?

Bitcoin Dip on Cryptocurrency Black FridayBuying Opportunity?


Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

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  1. Also future reference Jeff, you can move the dates at the bottom under the chart and also put the dates in on the top right. Then you can focus on just September

  2. Funny this happens right after SEC announced its going to start investigating insider trading in cryptocurrencies and coinbaseSome people cashed out and rolled out on their yachts..

  3. Jeff you sound too concerned. Been through this before. It’s a good thing for this market.

  4. Big money isn’t luring us. This is the game that’s played in every market. It’s big money doing what they can to fold small/weaker hands and buy in lower. It WILL recover 100!

  5. I have been on a 5 hour long stream today with other people. Jeff you were brought up! But yes a live stream is something you should do! @ Crypto Power ranger:YouTuber

  6. I’ve been a traderfor nearly 20 years..Actually wrote an e- book on Amazon (Trading as a businessA Key to the Holy Grail)..

    Reality is, is you’re a bull, wait for it to get some stability and start buying like crazy. BUT, if you’re a bear, then you’d better get out while the gettin’s still good.

    Me personally, I’m a crypto bull. It’s unrealistic to see 40% gains in a day, and then getmadwhen there is a 40% loss in a day.

    Get used to the volatility, make it your friend, realize profits and set them aside. Buy all the dips. Think LONG TERM, like years, and years, decades, generations.. not days and minutes.

  7. If you guys can’t take the heat, just buy more Ripple (XRP) it’s more stable and it’s backed by the banks, something you can handle Maybe. 😉

  8. Jeff I need you to know that you are the most honest and best YouTuber I’ve seen so far on crypto currency. I don’t see the face but I hear the voice and with the inflection of your voice you are honest and trustworthy. I thank you for videos like this because you keep it real. To everyone on alt coin buzz you guys are awesome. Thank you so much and forever hodl!!!

  9. Tony Berkman this has been happening every day ….30 billion gone in an instant. I wouldnt be surprised if its a sea of green tommorow

  10. Yea, terrorists like the U.S agencies . they got to finance more wars , surveillance, and corruption.

  11. It’s turning already. This is the game. End of the day the underlying technology and tokenization of our lives is inevitable. Some of these coins will have a higher market cap than Apple in a few years. The value won’t come from trading but from their utility as tokens to the 7 billion people on the planet. This is MUCH bigger than these moves with the REAL value coming from people that won’t know they are using blockchain when they use their tokens to buy lunch, send a friend some money, drive their car through a car wash or order a self driving car from the blockchain platforms replacing Uber and Lyft to their house that they rented from a blockchain platform that replaces AirBnb.

  12. My guess is that bitcoin lost trust the time its network fees reached the ~ $20. People are loosing faith in the technology.

  13. Yea, Jeff should be holding streams just to get us all in one place talking about everything going on, on the market. WHAKAKĀHORE: he is not responsible for anyone’s losses, but if we can have faith in eachother we would be a force to be reckoned with.

  14. dont buy in quite yet its still falling currently right now $11,300 usd on Gdax, we could see retracement to 10k people be careful.

  15. Its only a loss if you sell. If you guys are scared right now, you risk too much and understand too little.

  16. Thats not the only reason. hoki, they will NEVER be able to track ALL alt-coin trading and they now it. *FUD*

  17. Im all in too. I emptied my bank account and put it all in crypto. I figured i dont need the money anyway since im still young and dont have responsibilities so might as well take a risk to multiply my money 😂😂

  18. defaultuser Never invest more than you can afford to lose.Also like the old saying goesnever put all your eggs in one basket” “never count all your chickens before they hatch”. Hopefully things get better for you man.As long as we learned lessens from our failures we have not truly failed.

  19. Tony Berkman I just bought in yesterday at $15,700, i pretty much couldn’t of picked a worse day to finally pull tje trigger.You sound very smart and sensible about all this.Could you give me any advice? I assume that i pretty much have no choice now but to HODL. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.I want to put some funds into altcoins in the sea of red = opportunity ,but now I’m left waiting a few more days until i actually receive my bitcoin.its like someone mugged me and tied my hands behind my back,are beating me up and now their laughing in my face because I’m helpless to defend myself..

  20. I’m not drunk but like my old friend GameKyuubi once said, mea ana!!!!

    What is “HODL”?
    The very first time the term HODL appeared on the Bitcoin talk forum was in 2013 and came from a member named GameKyuubi under the thread “I AM HODLING”.

    From the look of the post, he was drunk and wanted to convey the fact that he was holding his BTC despite the serious fall that had just happened.

  21. That article makes no mention of coinbase. Or of any SEC announcement. It’s just a former SEC chairman saying stuff on Fast Money.

  22. It suits some but not others so maybe Jeff can do a mixI don’t have a lot of time and am looking for succinct and straight to the point messages. I’m referring my son to Jeff and I know that he’d have no capacity to sit and listen to live streaming which from my experience include a lot of stuffing around, not saying Jeff would do that of course as I find him fabulous and am have learned a lot and appreciate his insights and analysis.

  23. defaultuser….. mea ana, mea ana, mea ana!!! Don’t get SCAREDL and SELLDL!!!
    Things will get BEDDERDL!!!

  24. This is definitely not the worst time 🙂 Many people got in at $17k+. It will bounce back. I don’t give financial advice though based on experience the worst time to sell a position is when there is so much FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). It will bounce back and be a lot higher in the coming months. At that point depending on your positions you may want to sell some and start buying into other coins. Right now a lot of coins are on sale. Listen to Jeff’s recent video on Litecoin. It’s become a really useful coin because it’s far cheaper to transfer and faster than BTC. Right now may be a good time to start buying some LTC. Just my opinion.

  25. Tony Berkman Thanks for the reply! Yeah I’m not gonna panic and be fooled by the whales trying to splash me out of my little shaky liferaft,I will definitely HODL strong and be resilient. I’m a total newbie to Crypto but i know I’m not about to get rich overnight,thats how you panic and lose big. Funny thing you mentioned Litecoin,I literally just started to see the value and usefulness in it over the past few days doing research and with its much more reasonable fees and super fast transfers,like Jeff said it definitely has a great utility in the crypto market and that will steadily drive the price up when more people start to catch on. Also I’m not sure if its true but isn’t it rumored that Litecoin my eventually be added on Amazon!? But I’m gonna start investing in Litecoin very soon, I’m hoping for another descent dip before i do. My overall plan is to buy Litecoin and use it to get altcoins and just buy bitcoin on the big dips.I will only HODL bitcoin and not exchange it unless they somehow fix the transfer time and lower the fees.Thanks for the reassuring words,see you around in the comments again sometime and good luck on your future investments! 🙂

  26. Tony Berkman One LAST thing i forgot to mention.I know theres no way to predict exactly the perfect time to buy into Litecoin or anycoin, but the mark i have set in my mind and alarms is $180 ,do you think that would be a solid jumping in point? I was thinking that the whales might try 1 more time to splash before the end of the year to really try to shock everyone and thats when I would love to buy in when everything goes red again.In your experience have you ever seen 2 crashes in a row that fast in the crypto market? Thank you very much for your time,Happy Holidays!

  27. I have a wholestrategyon how to tradeanythingin the book. It is the way professional traders trade. It’s very methodical, and almost without thinking. Ko, yes, it is the way WHALES trade. All the whales were doing is taking some profit off the board. That’s it. It also has to do w end of year portfolio balancing and taxes and all of that stuff.

    The last week of the year, is pretty thinly traded, so they needed to get out early when there was still some liquidity.

    Reality is, it is a VERY BULLISH signal.

    They pulled profits, scared the weak money to push it lower, and now they will start to accumulate positions at a discount.

    It’s just the way the game is played.

    A, with these markets so thinly traded, it’s pretty easy to “tūtukitanga” them.

    Na, in my humble opinion, now it looks like today it stabilized a bit.. I would watch for some bullish reversal candles on the hourly charts, and then start accumulating.

    Don’t go all in yet. We don’t know that the bottom is in. Ko, it is time to start picking up some small positions on bullish reversal candle patterns.

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