Bitcoin Dead Cat Bounce? – o teie mahana Crypto News

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Bitcoin Dead Cat Bounce? – Today's Crypto News


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

36 kōrero

  1. Current pattern: 15% down, 10% up ~ repeat.

    Continuing the wave, down with the ship or going to the moon.

  2. Market is super bearish right now and ICOs aint doing well just full of flippers. Better buy alts that have hit new lows and learn some TA.

  3. Okay good I was about to go all troll on you! Just kidding my brother keep up the good work..

  4. Coinbase is just a temporary outlet until we all go full decentralized, then poof, good bye Coinbase

  5. Coinbase removed my ability to buy anything almost half a year ago.
    Through email, they assured me that there was a process taking place to let them know why it happened.
    Now they just stopped responding to me.
    I’m pretty sure there’s no process happening.

  6. You are actually creating fear. If a new comer was to come into the market now and listen to you they wont buy they will buy when its at highs. You should actually be saying be happy as its good buying opportunities. Mass adoption is way off so why do u want the market up?to cash out?

  7. Thanks Mattie, always nice to hear the cryptonews before work you re broadcasting. Have a great DAY!🍀😎✌🏼

  8. I think months down the road we will look back on this past dip and realize that it was a massive buying opportunity, especially for some of the top 10 projects that were down anywhere from 15-20%. Keep the great content coming!

  9. Crypto Legend tokenizing of companies is already happening though too. Coinbase is owned by NYSE and a bunch of banks. BBVA. They are not who we should support! I’m talking to you Matty!

  10. floydjared3 I’m not worried soon they will all be gone and bitcoin dominance will fall to under 25% once we can buy crypto on decentralized exchanges. hoki, we wont need bitcoin with projects like ethos

  11. floydjared3 I would like to see a dominance of less than 5% i roto i 3 tau, I think we can do it

  12. Hi guys have you heard about the feniks finance project? he won a contest promising projects who conducted Ian Balina.

  13. The project is really cool, to make the financial system on a very fast blockchain and with cheap commissions! There are no words, it’s certainly cool.

  14. There are almost no good projects now, feniks is an exception, probably the only project that will give investors a big profit this year.

  15. Every day I am more and more disappointed in bitcoin, I do not believe that he will remain a leader.The market needs something faster than bitcoin. For Example Feniks

  16. This is to the point, I think it is the best project of this year, feniks will show what he is capable of and I will not be surprised if he becomes the first cryptocurrency!

  17. Sorry guys ..optimism premature,,,,, another massacre tonight .. heading to $5000 and lower .. game is up ..goose is cooked ,,buy dividend etf schd or vym positive income daily ….

  18. Crypto Legend whoa whoa whoa, no way. We absolutely need BTC. What must happen is the death of all fiat. Bitcoin needs to be the single global currency of which all altcoins are valued against. Really a 50% dominance makes sense because that would mean the bitcoin price of all alts were actually true. All alts could sell to bitcoin at a 50% dominance and each sale could technically happen. Without bitcoin, we have no chance in this war. Btc is and will always be the king.

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