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Ko ahau IN KORE WAY A MARKET NGAIO; WHAKAMAHI TŌ whakawa OWN i te hoko mua ME KORE. NOT Ko ahau te kawenga mō ME Tuhinga OR Tuhinga THAT Ia ite outou i.

Ōnā meá TE MARKET, ME E ÁTAU ANAKE KOE haumi TA OE e tino pai ki te ngaro.

Quotations HĀ I taitara ATAATA AND kahore, kua MY Tuhinga OWN; KO RATOU I ROTO I KORE WAY E PĀ ANA KI Tuhinga o mua mua. Taitara ATAATA 'EKU WHAKAARO OWN AND NOT kia tangohia AS kōrero o AT FACE Tuhinga.

Ahau tēnei wā ma'u haumi i roto i mua, here, ME CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Ahau IN NO WAY WHAKATAIRANGATIA ICOS. ICOS HE MŌREAREATANGA HIGH, Haumi natulá e taea e whakatairangatia ana e Actors INO. No konei, IS IT tino ki te rapu tohutohu i MEI te NGAIO FINANCIAL WHAKAMANAIA MUA HAUMI I ICOS AND crypto IN GENERAL. Kore hoki e mahi, e kore hoki koutou AT MŌREAREATANGA PŪTEA.

Ko ahau NOT te NGAIO FINANCIAL i raihanatia, Ko ahau te WHAKAAHUA PUBLIC te faaiteraa'tu i to'u Tuhinga OWN MÄ TE YOUTUBE Pūhara. NOTHING kī i roto i Ataata IS TOHUTOHU, NOT TOTONU ME tangohia AS TOHUTOHU. Haumi i roto i TĒTAHI Rawa AT TŌ MŌREAREATANGA OWN, ME AS NOA, ANAKE haumi TA OE e tino pai ki te ngaro.


27 kōrero

  1. I believe in John McCafee t-shirts😁😁😁❤💪🏿😎💖🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😎💪🏿😁❤💖

  2. The only way this would happen is if nobody left any Bitcoin on the exchanges. The price would skyrocket or it would not be able to be traded.

  3. Normal regular simple minded People don’t have any idea 💡 on how to buy bitcoin that’s a good thing and a bad thing because when they do Adopt bitcoin that’s what the alt coins going to be a lot For example if bitcoin Reach $1 million ADA going to be 10$ a coin xrp going to be 30$ a coin so the Regular people is never going to Catch on on time

  4. Truth is bitcoin will hit $1M in 2028 not 2020.. FFS people $200k by 2021 is much more likely settling back to $80k or so

  5. Most people are sleepers. They dont understand YET Bitcoin. When tgey wake up, it is going to be a shock to them. Bitcoin is the MONEY AND Bitcoin is the PROTOCOL. People say wrongly it is virtualvirtual nothibg, it is real, it is MATH like everything in the Universe. Machines will need Bitcoin and other crypto tokens to be autonomous. Bitcoin is digital Gold.

  6. best quote of McAfee, he couldn’t care less if BTC is tomorrow 50 Centsthe price will then go up more vicious than you could ever imagineat least I think that’s how his quote was 😉

  7. It makes sense. The theory by the big guys is that this thing goes to zero. If they flip and realize that its never going away, they HAVE to have some exposure to it. Absolute scarcity does some weird thing to the game theory of ownership fungible assets. I agree with Murad Mahmudov that eventually this eats a ton of value from stocks, here, koura, hoko whare, etc. With Bitcoin, you can know what percentage of the pie you have. With a million dollar mansionwho knows how many million dollar mansions they’ll make in the future? Or how many dollars they’ll print? And with gold, who knows how much more efficient we’ll get at mining it, or how much is at the bottom of the ocean? Bullish.

  8. Alot of ppl askwhat’s stopping a country printing money and buying up all the bitcoin and controlling the market.”?

    Like Andreas said before the majority would simply shift the whole community, like shift to one of the forks of bitcoin BSV or BCH for example.

    Either way Satoshi (US Government) has a million bitcoins and therefor any of the forked chains for that matter.

  9. Dude, your videos are turning into Convicted Criminal Roger K. Ver-y Bipolar status. You are being shady!

  10. Mcaffe is a heroin addict that killed 2 people in the Bahamas. Dont take financial advice from a mental case. Mcafee all ready announced he was welshing on his bet.

  11. What I don’t understand is why you create these click-bait video titles that contain specific numbers which you never mention or refer to directly in you videos. Although your message isn’t necessarily misleading, your titles are. It’s f’d up, and you should be more responsible for your listeners.

  12. BITCOIN PRICE is manipulated by the futures market!!!!!
    They move more bitcoin in a day that exists.
    They are moving mine and mine are on a nano s.
    It’s all bushit and lies.
    How come the OTC price isn’t involved In the market

  13. Andrew North impossible!!! You can’t move what’s not available. If you know anything about bitcoin you would know that is impossible

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