$1Billion Tezos Deal, NULS 2.0 Launch, Theta, Waltonchain, Enjin CoinAltcoin Updates

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Tezos lands huge $1 billion deal with major Brazillian bank. Billy will also give you the latest news from Enjin Coin and their upcoming ERC1155 marketplace, NULS 2.0 and Chainbox launch, Theta Edge Cacher v1 beta released, as well as Waltonchain.
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#Enjincoin Launches Marketplace for ERC1155 Assets

#NULS 2.0 and ChainBox Launch on July 8th


Tezos Lands $1 Billion Security Token Deal with Major Brazilian Bank

Theta Edge Cacher v1 beta released

Waltonchain Announces Team Token Lockup Extension for 6 Months

Pompliano #Crypto

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$1Billion Tezos Deal, NULS 2.0 Launch, Theta, Waltonchain, Enjin CoinAltcoin Updates

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