$13.5 Million in ETH and Pundi X Hacked on Bancor Exchange – Today’s Crypto News

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Decentralized Exchange Hacked, $13.5 Million Dollars Worth Of Crypto Stolen

Bancor Twitter Statement

Charlie Lee on Bancor Hack

Cryptocurrency start-up suffers 'security breach,' theft of $13.5 million worth of digital tokens

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$13.5 Million in ETH and Pundi X Hacked on Bancor Exchange – Today's Crypto News

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  1. Its not decentralized exchange its semi decentralized(levels) only pure dex are BLOCKNET AND BISQ

  2. Hi Altcoin Buzz, please check out DMB – Digital Money Bits. It’s android wallet is now available in Google playstore. This wallet will support staking and masternode 😀

  3. Glad to see Bancor professionally on top of this issue. Great example on how to deal with these kinds of issues.

  4. Ok now btc gonna boom in 10yrs lol. What happened to $50k this year bruh? Yeah more like $2k by end of this year. What a joke. Irrelevant tech, people bailing out left and right, corroborated hacks all over the place. Recipe for disaster. You gotta be nuts to be investing in this garbage.

  5. If you haven’t made a daily 2-4% on all the alts , on the swings , you lost yo as$ in the market and crying about BTC going down, you should t be in crypto, I tripled my losses already, not gonna cry bout something so obviously easy as a few trades I can do

  6. I think it’s no hack happen anymore on the exchange, I think the people who run the exchange just say it’s a hack and just take the tokens / money … that’s it. Nothing to trust in that …

  7. i want to ask general question’ if you see project with more than 5 investores (business man or institution) is this mean that this is a good one? is it safe for small investor to join? thanks

  8. Man!!! Makes you wonder. Trust me, I fell for the trap. Crypto is freaking stupid. Gold and Silver ftw. The way my god, YAHUAH, intended to be.

  9. yep bancor had a backdoor no one cared because no one checks the code. pundi x seems like a money grab too

  10. Yes they acted super fast to this situation, when I first heard I panicked but then found out they have a pause function that froze their BNT tokens and no customer funds were stolen. PHEW.

  11. But the ETH and Pundi X creates a new hype day by day. I think hack news is fake. I trust these two coins. Always support KKN tokens

  12. Harris been busy making young traders and investors crypto millionaires, His type is quite rare tho.

  13. Harris the Genius, thanks for showing how to trade by myself I never believed in Bitcoin trading until i Met him

  14. I’m blessed to know a man like you that helped me recover my lost and increased my portfolio

  15. Wonder if the thief is hot for pundi x as they even get airdrops or what? coinrail robbery could be billion by airdrops in short time? or let they stick in the marked wallet till the day that they spend it via devices so no exchange to drop needed if they just buy the npxs device and flip into other crypto or a bunch of chicken dinners….coinrail/bancor so guess where will the next npxs robbery happen ?

  16. Weak maintaince of the networks is in invitation to stress the exchanges till a door opens…so i think it will continue as its not clear who is responsible for the protection of the free flowing erc20 wrapped coins and their backdoors in exchanges….whoops we forgot to check the replies on bugs on exchanges …think big next time binance

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