$100M Tether PrintedHow Will Bitcoin Price be Affected? Craig Wright In Trouble, Cuba Crypto

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Aita i maoro a'e $100 million Tether was printed, how will this affect bitcoin's price? Mattie is also giving you the latest from Craig Wright and the trouble that he now finds himself in. Cuba is also in the news now that they are looking into cryptocurrencies.
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#Cuba Considers Cryptocurrency to Solve Financial Woes

Cuba Considers Cryptocurrency to Solve Financial Woes

$100 Million More in #Tether Printed: How Will This Affect #Bitcoin Price?

$100 Million More in Tether Printed: How Will This Affect Bitcoin Price?

Craig Wright Uses Falsified Docs to Prove Innocence in Kleiman Case


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$100M Tether PrintedHow Will Bitcoin Price be Affected? Craig Wright In Trouble, Cuba Crypto

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

24 kōrero

  1. i think you would do well to at SOME point in EVERY video, to take the opportunity to say “ if you’re new or relatively new to crypto….(give viewers a real brief explanation and/or suggestion of what to study as a BASIC instruction) but to mostly PROViDE us with context. You speak of craig wright, but perhaps newer viewers have ZERO clue as to who he is, and why you’re evening talking about him. thanks u canucklehead u.

  2. The plaintiff’s lawyer is tweeting on Twitter while the trial is still going on? Is the twittering mob going to decide the case? That suit is not about whether Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. It sort of presumes he is. It’s funny that people are so convinced CW is a fraud, yet they worry that he might be and have a million BTC to convert into gold or fiat, lowering BTC’s price. Why don’t they just buy one or two BSV, just in case he proves his case? Hedge their bets.

  3. I think we, the crypto community, have to use different language to differentiate between digital currencies like Libra and Petro, and fully decentralized currencies like Bitcoin. Don’t call the Petro and Libra a crypto currency.

  4. @Prestige212 w not financial advice but xrp has a huge cap already these two are small caps and have a huge future ahead

  5. Because you don’t place a bet on the dead horse 😂 if it has broken it’s leg and is staring down the barrel of a gun. You don’t tend to place a bet on it to win just to hedge your bets 🐎

  6. sylance777 LLP people who know what theyre tlaking about already know the difference , everyone else can fall for these wannabe coins

  7. @Dr. Ho Lee Phuk maybe Technically yes, It was Always Call, La Perla Del Caribe (the Pearl of the Caribbean) not the Pearl of North or South America, I was born in Cuba, and have always consider myself and Identified myself as A Caribbean Person not a North or South American Person, But Now I’M A PROUD AMERICAN that was born in Cuba, LA PERLA DEL CARIBE, but again thanks for the teachings, DR. Ho

  8. @Prestige212 w Dont sell. Wabi is another Vchain or Waltonchain. Who even knows dusk is. XRP by its technicals alone has a lot of room for a future breakout.

  9. @Dr. Ho Lee Phuk I Do Not See It Attach to either North or South or Central America, Is A Part of The CARIBBEAN, Costa Rica and Panama and the others that are part of Central America are part of Central America Not North or South America and they are attach, but they are part of Central America, SO GEOGRAPHICALLY is PART OF THE CARIBBEAN NOT No. America Dr. Ho, whakawhetai, this is DR. Olimpo teaching You DR Ho, have a Wonderfull Day or Night wherever you are, Peace

  10. @Andres Olimpo Tamayo Ok bud, we’ll agree to disagree. I said it’s GEOGRAPHICALLY in North America. It certainly isn’t in South America though.

  11. @Sean O’Sullivan If you really thought Craig Wright is adead horse” etc, you wouldn’t bother. You’re just hoping he’s not Satoshi, because it’ll mean you passed up a great opportunity if he is. Why would CW go to all this trouble and humiliation?

  12. @Nick Reynolds in my opinion, money was his motivation and because he thought people are gullible and would never find out, now he’s caught in web of lies. But look, if he moved some Bitcoin from the wallet, I’d be like… “Wow fair play to him for inventing the crypto currency that will change the world”.
    But of he’s not, what then, his fork tanks, a lot of people will never get their money back and it will reflect badly on all cryptos.
    The general public would continue thinking crypto is a scam.
    We want mass adoption for us all. We are brothers in this crypto revolution, Im not having a go at you or anyone else who thinks he is. But the evidence is telling me that he is scrambling to cover up lie after lie. But what do I know, I’m just some guy on the internet ☮️

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