$100K Bitcoin Price Valuation | Stock To Flow Model? Electroneum ETN | Tron TRX Poloniex

Best crypto-curencies kaihokohoko == Tīmata ► Here

Less than 3 million $BTC left to be mined. Bitcoin halving in 208 ra.

When can you expect a 100k BTCReal Vision Interview with Plan₿

Refreshed Model: Bitcoin (BTC) to See $100,000 After 2020’s Halving

Response to Above Model

Bitcoin Halving to Push Market Cap Into the Trillions?

Bitcoin as a Savings Technology

Poloniex finds new backing led by Tron’s Justin Sun

Poloniex splits from Circle; finds new backing ‘led byTron’s Justin

Electroneum ETN is Testing BETA App for AnyTasks Platform

Electroneum is Testing BETA App for AnyTasks Platform

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$100K Bitcoin Price Valuation | Stock To Flow Model? Electroneum ETN | Tron TRX Poloniex

19 kōrero

  1. Lady Samsara working hard in the background 😎 been with ETN since the ICO, great project

  2. Splendid, I love the useful messages in your video, no doubt Bitcoin has being the trend of today and it doing a lot in the world cause many prefer saving up in their portfolio not banks anymore, why save up without getting profit, ignorance and lack of knowledge has made many of us loose our Bitcoin cause of we do the right things at the wrong times, ngaro ahau $10,000 USD last summer due to saving up with trying to increase my BTC and when I tried to I lost almost everything so I decided to stop and keep up with my day job until I was referred to Jose Amaury who has a lot of experience in Crypto trading, so he asked about my trading experience which I know was bad, so he showed me is specially designed layout which made me better at trading, trading has being so much easier and profitable, and now am recovering my lost and making more profit without him asking me for access to my account or any of my details, will advice all who has being in my shoes to reach him and check out is enormous strategy for more questions, **His e-mail joseamaury240@gmail, com & via telegram:- jose126 are is details and I am sure he would be delighted to be of assistance to you

  3. I can’t wait to get onto Electroneum’s Anytasks platform. Going to be very useful for me. Cheers Matty

  4. Alway Brilliant that you fairly give us the news! Especially happy that you cover Electroneum. Electroneum has real potential in this space and a great chance of achieving a high price! Shared! 👌

  5. i have been using this strategy for about 2 months now and the outcome have been so good

  6. @advanced racer What are you doing wrong Sir! You lost money therfore the project is bad? This narrative shows ur inexperience in investing! Did you think you would have a return on ur investment within the first year? If so u are naive and better for you to hold your money in the bank! Who are you comparing Electroneum too? Can you give me an example of a digital currency that has as many users as Electroneum? Not many fella! Just lately the founder of the blockchain has only praised Electroneum! Who are you that from ur basement know more than Mr Scott Stornetta? If you don’t know who he is is do not respond again!
    Maybe consider investing in something simple that will not challenge ur brain! Kind regards!

  7. @advanced racer Are you trying to educate us? If so why? I’m interested to find out what is ur motive? Have you lost money because that would be a shame? Are you trying to protect us? I’m I talking to a victim? If so so why is Electroneum to blame? Where were your eyes? So disappointing that one who has a chip on their shoulder cannot just move on! Better you have invested elsewhere! So sad!
    Kids for you!

  8. Christopher Koumi the # of ETN users is fake., just like TRX faking transactions. Also I don’t invest in shitcoins. Heoi, you ought to learn English a little better before calling people basement dwellers. You literally sound 12

  9. @advanced racer Grow up! Such a shame that a simpleton as urself could not find anything better to do than cry like a baby because ur investment has not matured in the timescale that you would like! When normal people invest they look at a minimum of 5 tau! Clearly you are a novice and have as a result been stung! If I lose money it’s my problem not urs and for a pleb to try and advise is just ridiculous! Stop sitting in your room touching yourself feeling all so superior! You can be my sex advisor when I want your f****** advice I’ll ask for it! I think I speak for the majority here!

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