$1,000 Investment in Cryptocurrency For Beginners

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This is a video, to get a beginner to cryptocurrency thinking about an approach to diversifying their altcoin strategy. This is certainly not professional financial advice, but rather an example of how and where to get started with cryptocurrency Always do your own research, this includes reading white papers, roadmaps and teams.

$1,000 Investment in Cryptocurrency For Beginners

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  1. I have been loyally watching your videos since last November and have learned a lot through your videos. Thank you for all of your hard work through good times and bad!!

  2. There are ways to make crypto online and even offlineYou should just share some crypto or ways to earn it with others, so they don’t need to do KYC bsspend FIAT, in local store or donate itdon’t feed hogs like Coinbase or other centralized monsters

  3. If you have money to put in long term Cardano is a no brainer. Look where NEO is and obviously ETH but I’m not gonna get ahead of myself.

  4. If we close green above 8.3k daily we can start buying alts.
    Medicalchain ico sold out within seconds (MTN) so did Thekey (TKY). Watch these

  5. tiairaa'ra(50%), XLM, ADA, EOS, QSP, TRX(10%) each in case you guy’s don’t want watch the whole video.

    My list would beGVT, TNC, NEBL,NAV, DRP, PBL, UTK, TRX, EOS & DRGN

  6. Cardano is a great choice, I just believe for multipliers may not be as fast as others, because it’s market cap is so high right now it takes alot to get it moving compared to lower market cap projects that got room to grow

  7. at the moment just put all your money in ethereum, ethereum classic or litecoin until this bear market is over, an easy coin to cash out back to fiat should the market collapse further

  8. I think its important you make a video to address taxation and rates for newbies and mid level investors. Short term vs long term hold and trades with examples. A lot of people day trading and not even realizing its a taxable event.

  9. Jeff, I like listening to you, but you need to speak a little louder or get closer to the mic. I listen to you on my Bluetooth headset on high and its pretty low. Thanks for the understanding. Keep up the great job

  10. Woohoo Jeff finally mentioned EOS!! 😉
    Dan Larimer is the man and already created Steemit and Bitshares as well.
    It’s only an ethereum token for the time being until the ICO is over.

  11. Marian voicu TRON is owned by Chinese kind of Mark Zuckerberg tech guy. Recently their government banned cryptocurrencies. But they will be back after the government figure out how to secure Chinese banks from any technical attacks and losses on cryptocurrencies. Chinese are into this. I am sure TRON will be the Ethereum of Asia before the end of 2018.

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