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WHAKAKĀHORE: e kore he tohutohu pūtea tenei! Ko te whakaaturanga whakangahau me hāngai whakaaro-tenei. e kore ahau e ahau i te kaitohutohu pūtea. Tena anake haumi aha e taea e koe te utu ki te ngaro, a ka whakatenatena matou koe ki te mahi i to koutou ake rangahau i mua i haumi. DYOR!

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22 kōrero

  1. Ripple made an announcement about an XRP peer to peer system that would be launching within the next few months, that’s what lead to this pump.

  2. I love all your stuffand I laugh so hard for real at most your stuff. Kia mau te reira ake! I think you’re brilliant and I’m a huge fan. Old, New mix match all good to me! 🙂

  3. Dude, You have more flexibility than shapeshift! I admire your resilience! Nicely doneagain. I also dig the old-school intro music from the early days. Lil flashback thereNoice!

  4. If I had to pick I’d probably pick this format of FUD TV. Honestly I’ll take whatever. I really look forward to each video and have learned a lot. I will say the last week off I was like oh no he has moved on. I’m glad your back!! Need you more in these sideways and down times than ever before. Mauruuru koe.

  5. Ive been here since the beginning and I love all your content. You are my favorite person for crypto!❤❤

  6. I like funny but informative videos. I also like informative videos. Funny only I don’t have time.

  7. Yeah the old Fud tv is back!!!!! You’re content on crypto is one of the best .hence, I don’t mind a joke here and there, ahakoa.

  8. I like the jokes and sarcastic takesI know that takes creative effort, but it makes a sometimes dry topic more funkeep doing what you’re doing!

  9. Who tha fark downvoted this?! Just cause you’re a troll? There’s nothing to dislike about this fantastic information and presentation.

  10. I love both the old-school Ellio like this AND the news character you’ve created. You actually pull off the humor where others fail. Yet seeing this confirms what I’ve been thinking. Just my opinion, but I would love to see old-school Ellio right from the top who talks for a few minutes and then throws it over every now and then to the Tradesman character and then back to Ellio. I also thought the surfer type character you did a ways back was also really funny. So you could throw it to that guy sometimes too and maybe other characters, but MOSTLY be yourself. Because I for one like hearing from you straight, because you’re incredibly insightful, clear thinking and well spoken and we need that in this space. You’re killing it. Still the most underrated channel on CY. I’m coining that abbreve right now forCrypto YouTube”…

  11. much better very very impressive now what you can do is schedule two days in the week braodcast for the funny stuff. Wednesday and sunday

  12. Have followed you for 8 marama. Like all your vids, Me down as many are, I personally need a laugh in this crazy space. Thanks for all your hard work, All the best.

  13. If crypto ever fails you , you will always have Hollywood. As for Casino fairHow they will launch in Thailand i find hard to comprehend. Gambling is strictly outlawed in ALL its forms in that country. It is a crime taken very seriously. Thanks so much for all the work you do. lots of laughs and lots of info.

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