Win Every Crypto Trade! How to Make HUGE Gains In a Bear Market! Bitcoin Ethereum NEO

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The market has been ROCKY as could be. Now that the December / January Mania has subsided, how are crypto lovers going to keep making gains? Day trading is hard to time well during a bull market, but the moment things turn bearish the pros come out to play. Learn how to trade like a real pro in this video.

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WHAKAKĀHORE: e kore he tohutohu pūtea tenei! Ko te whakaaturanga whakangahau me hāngai whakaaro-tenei. I am not a financial advisor. Tena anake haumi aha e taea e koe te utu ki te ngaro, a ka whakatenatena matou koe ki te mahi i to koutou ake rangahau i mua i haumi.

Win Every Crypto Trade! How to Make HUGE Gains In a Bear Market! Bitcoin Ethereum NEO

10 kōrero

  1. Good video but you can use your historical base of support for good positions from not just the last two days but since the coins been around for instance Bitcoin level of support at around 8000 a 5000 are all historical support levels

  2. Thanks for watching and commenting! I always look for 2 months historical data but I don’t place huge trades unless the base has been confirmed by the market recently. Just my way of getting my trade success % as close to 100 as possible. Just our method and It’s very conservative but we wanted to offer a conservative approach to trading in this current market that was easy to follow and low risk.

  3. hahaha I advocate restraint and only trading on BLUE CHIPS (coins that simply will not fail unless all of crypto fails) there are only like 3 ranei 4 of these in my mind

  4. What platform can trade on like I trade forex..I havent be able to find one..but I didnt try really hard either lol

  5. We love Binanace and KuCoinboth have amazing coins to invest in that really pump as trade pumps (which we will cover in a later video) 😊

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