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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
Today I give you my thoughts on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the state of the market. Why is the market dropping? Is it weak hands or whales? When will the market go back up? Let's talk about it. Be a smart investor. Find the best crypto companies, try to get in as low as you can, then hodl.

Ka rite ki. Ohauru.

***Just opinion. Not financial. Advice. I hope you make a lot of money by making your own decisions.

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  1. Even if you bought at $19,000 it’s a good idea to buy now to dollar cost average things. I really like your channel.

  2. We are not still shaking out weak hands. If people bought in back in Nov. through Jan they are long gone if weak hands

    More like bearish sentiment left over from the BTC suppression as futures expired today. The whales were betting it would go underand they are still going at it on Coindesk Custody on GDAX with their mass dumps and algo bots. The weak hands are gone and the BTC Bulls are all sitting around waiting for it to go lower and lower (GREED). Problem is, like Peter Schiff says, it may not go back up the lower it goes. 80 percent retrace is not a sign of a healthy market. It is the sign of an overbought market that has overcorrected and now is oversold to the point where interest is at a dangerous low.

  3. I know it sounds crazy but Im loving this. I got into crypto in around September of last year and I missed a lot of opportunities . I am diversifying my portfolio with projects I like. Dragonchain, cardano, Neo, singularity net, Neblio, and I took a little gamble on upfiring.

  4. I think things will. Business’s aren’t gonna get rid of technology that makes them more profitable and makes them more transparent to their customers

  5. I mean it will probably go back upbut i do see other platform coins eventually taking Ether’s place

  6. i wont go all in on ethereum, but it will be the time in the market to go all in on your favorite coin, maybe i should have said $42 Neo

  7. Altcoin Daily I have looked in the past for the chart but to no avail. I saw it on a video by Peter from Decentralized TV (never could find the video again). He showed how you would gain lots more money if you invest $5000 over a year’s time instead of in one lump sum. Te haumi $100 once a week for 50 weeks (a year).The logic was because you wind up with more coins at the end of the year. He said that Wednesdays and Fridays have the lowest prices on average. I will keep looking for it though

  8. That was AWESOME!!! That’s exactly what we need for noobs and others in this market. Thank you so very much. You are right it takes time.

  9. Keep up the good work. You are correct IMOand also there is big money positioning to come into this spaceCircle buying Poloniex, Binance going to Malta and working on USD fiat pairs for their alts, Bittrex looking to do the sameand now Huobi is moving a branch exchange to San Franscisco and is focusing on adding big money investors (similar to Coinbase Custody). All of this is a scramble for somethingand the wealthy will NOT buy alts with BTC. They want USD fiat pairs to come in and out ofactual USD.

  10. Awesome video
    My fist plan is very simple invest only FIAT when u have and when is on the corrections
    Second plan I will HODL till 2022 before I take some profits
    You are totally correct this is beginning of the CRYPTO revolution.
    I think market cap will go till 220 Billions in the next 10 ra … in June will see market cap 700 Billions, December market cap 1.4 Trillions
    Keep with the great videos
    Respect from Macedonia

  11. Bitcoin is a bubble that has burst and will not go back up. The other corrections were not quite the bubble. New (dumb) money brought bitcoin and 1500 cryptos to frothy levels. All speculative in a climatic grand super cycle top (Elliott Waves). This is the top as in dot.com, beany babies, current stocks, hoko whare. Bubbles never reinflate themselves in the same market.
    Na, whales will have to exit their positions on any rally or they risk losing everything. You see high volume selling and weak buying volume.
    It’s over for bitcoin, guaranteed. The fact that there remain so many perma-bulls holding means that the drop has a long way to go. We just experienced the top (record RSI and MACD confirm that as well). It will now go down with a few up days until the craze is gone. When the whales close out, it’s done.

  12. If you believe Warren Buffett, ka mea ia, “with certainty Bitcoin and all other cryptos will come a bad ending”. No one listened to the billionaire. He went on to sayI would buy 5 years puts if I could.

  13. I know less than Warren Buffett too. 🙂 I do understand bubbles because I have gotten caught in them chasing exponential parabolic moves. Pain is the greatest teacher there is. Na, I am careful to recognize them and bitcoin was the largest bubble in history. Everyone is right at the top. Every bank and country is pushing against cryptos. Overlay Bitcoin to other bubbles and it has popped. Because so many people do not understand bubbles, they remain in denial. This is going to be a history lesson for everyone. Bitcoin has made an Elliott Wave 5 waves down. It’s over. A grand super cycle top. Rallies will be pushed down with greater intensity. We are not near a low. I know less than Buffett. This time, he happens to agree.

  14. Ha no I saw that post you’re talking about. It was about a cab driver. Believe it or not that story really did happen to me. Not just my uber driver either- my friends and co workers were talking to me about it too. There was a state of euphoria at that time, people were fomoing in.

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