Why Is Ethereum STILL Crashing? 😲 When Is A Good Time To Buy? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin!

Let's talk about Ethereum. Why is it still crashing? When is a good time to buy?

Let's talk about it.

Ka rite ki. Ohauru.


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Who Is Building On Ethereum?

Bitmex Article:

Bitmex Accused of Manipulating Ethereum’s Price

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Why Is Ethereum STILL Crashing? 😲 When Is A Good Time To Buy? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. Question also is what will be the impact of much less ICOs on ETH during last quarter of 2018 a 2019.

  2. I dont own any ETH. Iwill buy when it is under $100. I’m buying Stellar and got rid of Litecoin for now.

  3. Bitcoin will continue to increase in dominance until the bull market returns. As long BTC is bearish or even trending sideways alts will continue to decline

  4. I remember when people were talking about eth and btc flipping .. buy whenever everyone is so bearish , I know I am

  5. Two thoughts: 1. Leveraging in the stock market in the 1920’s set it up for the crash and contributed to the Great Depression crisis. I agree with you about not liking leveraging. 2. Thanks SOOOOO much for reviewing ETH. I have been pondering when/if to pick up more. Lots to consider here. As always, I sppreciate your video.

  6. tron,under 2cents and faster,cheaper.don t forget ethereums most use case now is being bought and use to buy alts,when we see more and more exchanges adding more basepairs and less need to buy it i see ethereum drop alot in the ranking.

  7. Something will probably replace bitcoin someday. But there is still awhile before that happens

  8. I think we are close to turning bullish. Historically, this is a low time in the market. Come q4 I see us going up.

  9. not sure,i m not very tech but my user experience with trx is much better then ether.investmentwise for me i also see a 100x more realistic with tron since its still under 2 cent.for you maybe buying the dip now better,hard decision

  10. I try to be a disciplined investor. And if it never get’s that low. Then I will never invest more. And I will be ok with that.

  11. Ed Van Hoorn you need to look at market cap, not $ price. If trx had the same market cap but was at $20 would you still think it was undervalued?

  12. I am DCA right now on every little dip. Buying in small amounts at a time so happy at even if it keeps going donw further.

  13. while bitmex and bitfenix are manupulating prices of crpycurrencies , the market will never be mass adapted. I would rather wait for those exchages will be banned. soon or later, yahoo, amazon, sbc, rakuten, more big and legit companies run exchanges . hoki 90% of altocoin codes are copy of the others. 90% of alto will cannot survive in this bear markets. So better to wait to see.

  14. Altcoin Daily
    I respect your discipline for greater reward vs risk
    Although i will do cost average during the dip to accumulate more if i see any crypto got big potential

  15. Hah, ure funny man, now that you saw ETH recovering a bit, you behave like is 250 USD more. I’ve seen ETH price when it was even 170~. I could buy back in but i prefered to buy Dash and Litecoin, looks just lot better for me. Bottom line: Lets not compare from 212~ which is now, at about 472 which it was about 2 marama ki muri, huge difference, let’s just not do that, you never know if ever gonna be seen at 400. But ye, is good this recover to be appreciated. Cheers pal

  16. I had buy more 15ether an its good future an Good time to buy it’s rite timeWil hold it !!

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