Why Is Bitcoin Dominance Increasing?? Why Are Altcoins Being Drained?? [Cryptocurrency News]

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Hello Crypto Community!
Let's talk about the latest cryptocurrency news!!

Today I want to talk about: Bitcoin Dominance

JP Morgan Targets Millennials, Takes on Robinhood With Upcoming Launch of Commission-Free ‘You Invest’

JP Morgan Targets Millennials, Takes on Robinhood With Upcoming Launch of Commission-Free ‘You Invest

CNBC's Analyst Brian Kelly Says Bitcoin ETF Approval Likely by February 2019

Ohio Lawmakers Pitch Their State As a Future Hub for Blockchain

Ohio Lawmakers Pitch Their State As a Future Hub for Blockchain

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Big Things are happening. Kia mataara te ataata.

Ka rite ki. Ohauru.

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Why Is Bitcoin Dominance Increasing?? Why Are Altcoins Being Drained?? [Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. The only channel i hit the like button before i hear the whole video.always great and smart content

  2. 2 adds back to back now youtube, gonna get worsei cannot wait until blockchain puts theses guys down.

  3. Big thumbs up for the Daily News, keep reporting to us what you found interesting. My comment on the video will be on the B.Kelly section. As per the data chart of another CryptoBrother who published the CNBC Contrarian BTC Chart, it would be interesting to see the CBOE ETF approve before the end of 2018 and not in 2019 as stated in the article. I think that would prove to us that they are feeding completly garbage news. Bless up Austin👊🏾

  4. If somebody said that we needed to see capitulation before the next Bull Run it was you agree with that?

  5. .... and then Basic Attention Token dominates and it gets even worse with everything based on adrevenue but don’t worry, they’ll be ad’s you want to see and you’ll be paid tokens to watch them all day! I’ll need to buy a bigger house to store all the stuff I can’t help buying with my cryptobillions. Everyone’s a winner!

  6. Robinhood is awesome. Easy to sell when up and buy when down with no fee. Always improve your bitcoin position.

  7. It’s annoying but not as annoying as Bix Weir’s horn of zeese! Your morning sip of coffee. I can’t imagine how many subscribers he’s lost with that one. I was lucky and saw him explain what the hell it means but if you weren’t there, you’ll just think, “WTF?!!” every video. I haven’t the heart to tell him to drop it already. I like Patrick Corsino’s intro. You’re both very positive and enthusiastic no matter what so keep up the good work!

  8. +Altcoin Daily 8:22 to about 9:05ish

    I wasn’t sure what capitulation meant in terms of investing and the definition States when investors have given up hope of recouping their investment or losses. Heoi, it seems ambiguous as to what he’s referring to. Ngā mihi.

  9. I like it. I think it’s really being drained along with other low cap coins at the moment. But in general I think its solid.

  10. 2019 is going to be interesting this year has gone so fast and the community is growing rapidly. The price of all the top 10 I think are gonna explode next year

  11. Millennials will be crypto’s salvation. They are an unstoppable Force and and I am not even close to being young enough to be one.

  12. I’ve been on Robinhood for 3 tau. Best trading app out there for average Joe’s and Jane’s. JP Morgan will have their work cut out for theminteresting story…whakawhetai!

  13. The problem with RobinHood is that you don’t actually own the coins you buy. They hold the value of the coins for you, and you can cash out for fiat whenever you choose.
    Also you can’t deposit or withdrawal any cryptos.

  14. Yup 0x, their Github shows everything complete balance between hype and development. 0x is the most open project I’ve seen so far.

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  16. exactly 4000$ is what i have made from my investment with him this month,his miners are top notch

  17. had to chill till i withdraw and now i can say this is realreal success. Am happy to be part of this

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