Which cryptos will survive the bear market? BTC ETH ICX VET WTC ZRX XRP XLM ONT TKY TRX

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Which cryptos will survive the bear market? BTC ETH ICX VET WTC ZRX XRP XLM ONT TKY TRX

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  1. Waltochain should definitely one of the big gainers in the next bull, so much happening on their side without people noticing it, like the last visit from the lg team

  2. You forgot the 2nd biggest infrastructure play with a ton of dapps now, $Neo, also let’s not forget $ELA

  3. No Litecoin? Litecoin is also used on the Lightning Network. And is being listed on these institutional crypto exchanges.

  4. I just sometimes wonder if his barber is a little older and was a super fan of kid&play

  5. I dont know how you can mention ont and tky, but leave out NEO. Other than that though, good video.

  6. guero po not sure what you mean by the “with working product”’ comment. If you were referring to Litecoin, Litecoin was first to use Lightning in production, first to use Atomic Swaps, had Segwit before bitcoin, and a ton of features seem to work themselves out in production on the working, low fee, fast payment system Litecoin offers way before Bitcoin and its clones and altchains do. There are few exchanges and payment platforms that list BTC that don’t also list LTC second.

  7. It’s not shady they did their ICO in NEO and launched a main net, like every other ICO. Get your facts straight man.

  8. +Elite Truck Repairs shady is the fact that the mother company from Ont is Onchain , same as neo , why not building this service on neo and instead raise dozens of millions to build a separate entity ( The smart economy was supposed to be happening on neo, now Ont might get more entreprise daaps than neo) . Any serious investor would be very worried by that, I still own both of them but sold a lot months ago. Another shady point is Neo did not built the promised entreprise application, most of their decent Nep5 token went to do their own mainet, fewer and fewer reasons to hold Neo inmho.

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  10. LTC will survive every bear market its the most liquid digital asset, everyone who says other wise thinks centralized tokens like XRP will survive

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