When Will Bitcoin Gain Mass Adoption? Is It Even Possible? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,

Let's talk about what it's actually going to take to gain mass adoption. Some say we have another 10-20 years to wait. Let's compare Crypto to the internet, īmera, and other money revolutions. Great video today. Watch it.

Ka rite ki. Ohauru.

Link to the video I shared:

Bitcoin Q&He: How long until mainstream adoption?

***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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When Will Bitcoin Gain Mass Adoption? Is It Even Possible? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin]

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  1. In all seriousness, how long do you think before we see mass adoption? Let us know! I’ll be reading the comment.

  2. whakaaro ahau 5 tau! emails took 20 y because internet wasn t used that much at the time ,now it is , and society now days run much faster then 20/ 30 years ago specially on portable devices the speed of news !its paratically instant !

  3. Great point. Technology is developing faster than everexponentially faster! Imagine where we will be 5 years from today.

  4. In the words of Tim Draper, he said in 5 years we will go to Starbucks for coffee and they ill laugh at us when we use fiat currency. It also depends on few things, If the USA has an economic crash will be sooner then 5 years because people transfer over much faster if we have a crash in the stock market and the dollar crashes and Most venture capitalists think we will have the biggest crash in history because of all the bonds that Obama bought every month to prop up the economy falsely. Lot of people think in the next six months we will be in the biggest crash of are lifetimes.

  5. I don’t think bitcoin will. Some crypto will but it’s going to take 5-8 years and alot of what we see now will be obsolete by then-including BTCit’s going to need to be much, much easier for the masses to use. I’ve been in crypto a year and I’ve had all sorts of problems this weekend with trying to sort out an EOS wallet and a Agama wallet. It’s going to need to be vastly more user friendly before it gets anywhere near mass adoption. I think it will be business that adopts first-stuff like vechain and Walton chain and things like medical chain will lead to a massive rise in uptake as business’ rush to take advantage of the new tech. Only after this will it be used as money

  6. I think supply chain is def perfect to adopt crypto. But I do think we will be seeing more and more online retail stores adopting crypto payment gateways in the next 5 tau.

  7. Thanks Aaron, and your insight and your videos, also we dont need mass adoption for the next massive bull run up, this will happen when no one is talking about bitcoin like in April 2017, we are soon getting to this stage again

  8. Yeah trueit is a stretch to compare them. But they do share a few similarities. Especially the fact the more people that adopt it the more valuable it will be. Of course Andreas Antonopoulous had the best comparisons when he brought up the other times that currency has gone through a revolutionRealistically, I just like to think about how it will happen.

  9. I agree I think the efforts of ETN will push things forward. When it becomes more convenient to pay with crypto over regular fiat then that will be the catalyst to bring mass adoption.

  10. I think LTC and BCC for day to day purchasing. BTC way too slow. I believe that tech is increasing exponentially and 400 yrs for paper money, 50 years for credit cards, 10 years for crypto. I hope because I’m an old guy over 60!😢

  11. I think too we can all play a part in advancing this thing. hoki tauira, planting seeds. I work in the offfice at an automotive business and while we dont accept btc or any form of crypto as payment, i stilljokinglyask our customersare you paying cash, check ,charge or btc?” Some askwhat is btcan most dont, butthey hear it and the seed is planted. We can all do this when we shop…”do you accept btc?” Doesnt mean we intend to pay for our fries and soda with our btcits just planting seeds. Its a little psychology and if enough of us do it, it the faster that more people will hear of it and be more comfortable with it. Try it!!

  12. That is a very good idea! hoki, paying for things with crypto when applicable then just replacing your investment so that companies see value in accepting it.

  13. I did several episodes on Electroneum back earlier in the year. They are probably a bit dated though. I’ll take a look at Electroneum soon and figure out some current thoughts.

  14. what would an ETF comprise of? Multiple currencies? Isn’t the point of an ETF to have many holdings within the same security?

  15. paolo canzani uh, email is a tool. Not a place you can hoard wealth. Email has nothing to do with $$$$$$$. And look today. Texting is taking over email.

  16. Maanui! I wasnt impying though that we shouldnt ever pay with btc if allowed, i just meant even if you werent intending to pay that way then you could still ask. 🙂

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  21. Huge stretch for anyone to compare crypto to the internet, the internet was and will remain the biggest breakthrough of our lifetimes.

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