Owning 1 Bitcoin | 🛑 There Are Not Enough Bitcoins In The World For Everyone | Crypto News

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Keiser Report: Truth Decay (E1385)

Keiser Report: Truth Decay (E1385)

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There are not enough bitcoins for everyone with a Coinbase account

Altcoin News: VeChain (VET) Among the Top 10 Firms with the Most Blockchain Patents

Altcoin News: VeChain (VET) Among the Top 10 Firms with the Most Blockchain Patents


Bitcoin Miner Revenue is Approaching Yearly High

Two Miners Purportedly Execute 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

Bitcoin Cash Block Details

Fidelity Is Really In Love With Bitcoin: Texas Office Filled With Crypto ASICs

Fidelity Is Really In Love With Bitcoin: Texas Office Filled With Crypto ASICs

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Owning 1 Bitcoin | 🛑 There Are Not Enough Bitcoins In The World For Everyone | Crypto News

66 kōrero

  1. Once Bitcoin will take the 60% dominance hurdle THERE WILL BE NO WAY BACK !!! 😉

  2. Just a lilcorrection for ya: 1 Satoshi is not 1 millionth of a bitcoin as you indicated around 1:05 into the video. 1 Satoshi equals 1/100 Millionth of a bitcoin, as there are 100 Million Satoshis per bitcoin. Other than that, nicely done. 🙂

  3. Almost had a Bitcoin. Nearly there. Hope I still have time. Just wish I had enough to buy it earlier.
    If only I went MGTOW years ago

  4. Mauruuru koe, Very informative Update Austin 🚀Congratulations 90k +subs, Catch you on the Next one,

  5. good goal I bought mine early in the year and am still buying more every week

  6. +luffebassen he could’ve bought only 1 when it was at $100, sold at 18k, and then by back at 3-4k lol

  7. Keep going. Buy in all year no matter how high it goes. There will only ever be 19 million mined out of the 21 million during our lifetimes. A 4 million of those are already lost forever.

  8. Awesome,I hope you hold for 5 ki 10 years when btc will be $1 million plus per coin.

  9. I’m only 21 engari, I bet basically my entire life saving and have almost 2 BTC. My goal is 3-4 before the next bull run.

  10. if true, weird flexing that you’re smart enough to buy low, but dumb enough to advertise to the world that you’re now a target.

  11. +sykal yep, because one lesson on the internet is not definitely going to do everything within their power to track him down and kill him for a few Bitcoinsinstead of simply tracking down the guys on Twitter or YouTube who constantly give updates regarding cryptocurrencies which makes it easier to realize that they have plenty of money involved in Bitcoin etc…….

  12. Congratulations for the 90K. I remembered when I subscribed it was 6k. That explains how informative and valuable your videos is.

    Keep the good works mate.

  13. The institutioners are band wagoners who stay silent on BTC even tho they love it. #mea ana

  14. Well hope you never tell your partner or anybody else about your stash. Once btc moons, she’ll have you by the balls. Keep buying and holding till then.

  15. Altcoin Daily That’s #1. I’m just willing to risk it all because I firmly believe this’ll change history. I actually work in a financial firm dealing with securities and I just see the BTC potential.

  16. If you want one Bitcoin,
    hoko 4 Litecoins, e
    will equal one Bitcoin
    Circa 2024 …

  17. If you want one Bitcoin,
    hoko 4 Litecoins, e
    will equal one Bitcoin
    Circa 2024 … 🥂

  18. +:Robert-Francis : Sullivan. I cant see Litecoin ever getting to a 4 ki 1 with BitcoinMostly because it’s halving schedule is lagging behind bitcoins by 3 tau… I can see 10 ki 1 ahakoa… I say this as a Litecoin hodler and supporterNot that I’d love to be wrong!

  19. No one living today is going to see the last Bitcoin mined. 4-5 million gone and you’re dealing with a smaller %

  20. there probably will be. But over the years, BTC continues to increase in value

  21. ok I retrack that statementif you take 21 mill and divided by 7 bill you get 0.003 btc/person. if you take 17 mill it would be 0.0024 btc/person. but the elites and institutions will own the majority so the numbers will even be smaller for the average person at a great price. kind of like owning 1 million satoshi is consider rich in the future

  22. +Andrew Beresh ah my friend. please read more before you make such presumptions. are you willing to learn or are you standing on the side line calling the games when you have never played the game and don’t know the game? pick your favourite sport team and tell me if you know the inner works of that organization and why they do the things they do

  23. +Andrew Beresh yesb/c they got in it early. so you can be part of a newer asset class. you are born late and your to the world. but you can be part of the new or support something old

  24. +Crypto Hero I would say it’s still very early, some people got in incredibly early, but it’s still very very early. There is like what 64 halvings? We only had a couple of halvings so far, one in 2020 upcoming. Halvings are going to continue throughout this century.

  25. +moonshinefuel I agree. that is why I disagree when people say it has gone up so much. no point in buying

  26. cripto browserTry the new CryptoTab browser featuring a built-in mining algorithm and achieve up to eight times faster speed compared to Google Chrome

  27. He’s young though and basically can take high risk high reward investment, if it fails he still got his youth and can start over easily and he probably still have some of his parents support. If you’re in early twenties or teens you can afford to put your entire life savings on bitcoin, only be more cautious once you’re older but then again you’ll most likely be earning more by then and can put more money in it that is still a small percentage of your portfolio.

  28. +Rodney Prak If 1 BTC was 1 million dollars, 1 satoshi would be .01. Make perfect sense on a sliding scale. 100 sats would be 1 tāra, etc….

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