List Of Reasons Bitcoin Is About To EXPLODE!!! 💥💥💥 [Cryptocurrency Motivation]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin!

These are reasons why I think the Bitcoin market is about to explode! These are green flags in the market! Let me know if you know anymore. Stay strong.

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***Not financial Advice! Just opinion. DO TO RANGAHAU OWN!

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List Of Reasons Bitcoin Is About To EXPLODE!!! 💥💥💥 [Cryptocurrency Motivation]

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  1. By Aug 11th Cryptos will start moving up some. We will not see these lows ever again. The Real big moves will not start ’til the end of Sept. Na… Oct, Nov, Dec will be amazing. The Bull run will extend through Jan & Feb. then correct some. Enjoy the show

  2. EVERYTHING you said is true and they i just pick up some seele today was great discount ….
    Like always I will repeat just buy the dips and RELAX …..

  3. Big bang theroryhad a bitcoin showit was how the guys mined a bunch of bitcoin in 2012 and lost the device they stored it onthen the guy from comic book store found it on the floor ended up erasing stick and sold it for $10pretty funny episode

  4. I hear that we have record number of crypto startup some twentyseventhousand (27000) of them I think. Also bigger and bigger player is moving into crypto before the general public as usual. This is not advice! Take care. 🙂

  5. Great video, I’m sick of hearing depressing the tone bears, its nice to hear your report and views, you articulate the space well thumbs up!

  6. GREAT CONTACT! I absolutely agree with you 100% on everything you said. You must be stupid not to see what’s happening behind the price action right now. I know how the big money plays and it’s certainly like this to drive the price down, shake the weak hands, then buy at low price so only they can become rich and not us average joes. We will be victorious if we HODL. Too much good news right now, you’ll be stupid if you sell at a low.

  7. We’ve been getting Bitcoin is about to explode videos since the end of January. 🤔🙄

  8. rite “death willlong…. what a joke.. again email this name on ihub when im wrongshill

  9. ya what ever.. email this name on ihub when im wrong.. you wontcrickets. ill be waiting

  10. ya I found a chinesse cookie.. it said thoushalt is full of shhhagain email me bud on ihub(this name) when im wrong.. looking for1300

  11. in three yearsdo what untill then.. you want to make some money check this name on ihubxbt yo

  12. The fact that some will freak out over a 10 day fluctuation during the summer is pathetic.

  13. Banks know this is the end for them, but they are spreading garbage just to hold on some how, Jamie Diamond does not want to lose his 48 million he makes IN ONE YEAR, so he called it a fraud, his bank is a fraud house.

  14. Altcoin Daily i agree with the list, trust me. I’m still holding my Cryptos cause I know the future is bright. But the reality is that we’re in bear market and the price is going to jump up until we bottom out.

  15. my mom is a nuclear physicist, so if you don’t know how particles react, don’t know about the periodic table, then you might not get her jokes. clearly knock knock jokes are more your type.. down 500 bucks again HODLer.. wheres the bottom.. wheres the goodnews?xbt-lambos

  16. All I can say is that there are many people like me that are waiting just to break even
    that have bought late last year and early this year put lots of money in to alt coins as well as bitcoin and are just waiting for their coins to recover

  17. BAKKT in November is perfect timing for an October bull market. That news hasn’t sunk in yet it seems. Ppl are still trading the swings.

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