Is XRP an Unregistered Security?

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Ripple Avoids Securities Question in Motion to Dismiss XRP Lawsuit

Ripple Avoids Securities Question in Motion to Dismiss XRP Lawsuit

Binance Lists a Mimblewimble-Based Beam

Binance Lists a Mimblewimble-Based Beam

CME Group Is Launching Bitcoin Options Early in 2020

CME Group Is Launching Bitcoin Options Early in 2020

Bitwise Submits Massive Bitcoin Report to SEC, Says Market Is Ready for an ETF

Bitwise Submits Massive Bitcoin Report to SEC, Says Market Is Ready for an ETF

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Is XRP an Unregistered Security?

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

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  1. The plaintiff did not prove one single thing in his case. Buying XRP is not a direct investment in Ripple. The US Treasury Bureau said it wasnt a security they said it was a currency. Its just fud this guy bought like 500 dollars worth of XRP held it for less then 2 weeks lost some money.

    Here is the case number you should read through it. Instead of reading Twitter.


  2. Security or no security The great Davincij15 has already stated and I quote xrp is a bankers coin . We may not like that it is centralized but xrp will do well ..

  3. Big big big bag holder and what is it based on your professional knowledge. I’d like to know what legal understanding and knowledge since you are going toclue me in
    I have to say, that statement was funny

  4. Delayed until utility. At that point it’s a given. This is why unregulation is a good thing temporarily because it allows the wild wild west to go about and build a solid foundation without bs regulators. Na, right to the very second, utility will hit and then Coincidentally clarity on it being a security or not will commence and suddenly it’s good to go. Perfectly legal and smart. These cryptos are not stocks and do not work like them either. We are in early and all crypto will be mind boggling to new comers.

  5. I’m a holder of XRP. I dont know whether it’s a security or not. I bought on the understanding that it will become the premier method of sending funds between banks and eventually others. I’m in for the long term with a wait and see attitude.

  6. Show me the chart and will tell youbthw news. ” even the xrp haters are buyin xrp (TA guys) . So much with the timing of the news.

  7. You would never try to argue a complex issue like “is XRP a security” in a motion to dismiss. They would only address that in court if needed. They have a dozen valid reasons in the motion. This case will be dismissed. Just wait and see. Aroha mai, this case is simply more FUD.

  8. @Bronson Slade I’d say it’s best for xrp holders not to worry. All of these cryptos in general are just still developing and we are soon gonna enter utility phase and full regulation. At that point i think xrp will be in the clear. I mean look at the partners they have.. over 200 hundred, it’s all planned behind the scenes strategically on a corporate level. Now days more and more crypto companies are planning for these regulations and will work with regulators. Ripple was one of the first to do that. Xrp will do well in my opinion. But if they were to make a decision today, It just wouldnt be the right timing. Just my opinion and thoughts.

  9. @Zenobio Oibonez Your reasoning makes sense to me. Thank you for your time and thoughts Zenobio.

  10. anybody who says they know for sure, is probably lying to you. Only the courts/regulators can tell you for sure. But awesome to hear that people are talking about this 👍

  11. Everything is possible, WizTo be clear, I don’t mind one way or another what XRP is labeled. I just want the transparency. 👍

  12. i bought 40K XRP at $0.008 back in 2016 and sold them at that time , don’t do my mistake LOL

  13. To be clear, I don’t mind one way or another what XRP is labeled. I just want the transparency. 👍

  14. @Altcoin Daily everyone, go watch the latest to the lifeboats video, shows a doc from treasury and justice departments saying that XRP is not a security. I don’t care for XRP but it is not a security. Still a shitcoin

  15. Been the Top 5 for me. Nonetheless Donovan you suggest a great great strategy 👍👍👍👍👍

  16. All anyoneinforming me/ushas to do was read the first paragraph of Ripples response. Done!

  17. Provided Libra Coin gets no traction. The FOREX market doesn’t collapse on itself and subsequently the Central Banking System which is coming up with their own ways to address this utility. Yes XRP is the way.

  18. @Altcoin Daily ive told you about sam i am before. I feel you never bothered to watch any of his content. He is on another level than you

  19. @Jj Rusiecki Apart from being a useless collectors item, BTC will die. It is not capable of the next phase in Blockchain (mass adoption and to be used for trillions of daily transactions).

  20. If you are looking from a real investor standpoint: why take more risk in xrp, because if this is a security or not? if you just switch to bitcoin where its clear? which means less risk!

    else you are too emotionally invested, which is the worst thing an investor can do!

    If I want to buy real estate in a particular palce, because it will go up in the future, and you find out there is more risk involved because of unknown law. A smart investor will not risk it and choose another place

  21. It’s not Altcoin Daily fault that XRP is a sh*tcoin. Feel free to lose your money, nobody’s stopping you.

  22. @Universal Vibes TV I dont see that happening worldwide any time soon. But let’s say it did happen how would you cash out your bitcoin to pay for food, your rent or mortgage, your utility bills etc? Not every institution accepts bitcoin as a form of payment.

  23. @ANTHONY NOVELLI I own PM’s as well as crypto. However if an Electro Magnectic Pulse (EMP) should disable all electronic connectivity, then no one will be able to pay said mortgage or bills via any means. The whole system would crumble. Which is why ‘somepeople are talking of a debt jubilee as and when the reset hits. Cash and barter items will be key in the interim before the new ‘realmoney backed and crypto system is implemented. All by design. Order out of chaos.

  24. I splashed coffee into my bosses face at McDonald’s and walked out! I know the future 🚀🌙

  25. I have no problem of being patience on xrp. I have no problem sitting on a couple thousand coins. If it all caved in big deal I know I tried.. problem is xrp is going to boost watch wait

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