Is Facebook’s Loss Crypto’s Gain? KYC a SCAM? [Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News]

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Hera are the articles:

Facebook's loss could be crypto's gain?

What Volatility? How Facebook’s Historic Loss Became Crypto’s Gain

KYC/AML Good or Bad for Crypto?

There’s a Bigger Scam Than Anything in Crypto, It’s Called KYC/AML

Politically Speaking Who is Crypto?

Left, Right and Center: Crypto Isn’t Just for Libertarians Anymore

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Is Facebook's Loss Crypto's Gain? KYC a SCAM? [Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. I really enjoy your channel, good stuff! I have a question for you…. Currently, I own 1/3 of a bitcoin.
    I am all set to buy the other 2/3 btc. 9:20 eastern time Sunday
    has btc hovering around 8200. I can’t decide if I should wait for a pullback,

    or just go ahead and pull the trigger…..What would you do?

  2. Well deserved for 10k subscribers! You should have 1m! Keep up with amazing videos Altcoin brothers!

  3. So the stock market is due for a crash Jim Rodger says and he said it will happen unexpectedly when we less expect it to. How he says, companies will start crashing and one by one and it will just snowball from there. The fact that Facebook felling by the biggest % ever. You guys thing this might be the start of Jim Rodgers prediction??

    And, it completely makes sense that people that are implicated in stocks and Crypto fully aware of whats going on will move their money over to crypto and digital currency will start having the upper hand to fiat currency.

  4. Im glad my friends group was right about the pump the other day and glad they were wrong about the pullback. Hope you are doing well.

  5. I heard one guy say that crypto will be affected adversely initially, but eventually will go up afterwards. But in this uncertain market, and volatile, it’s anyone’s guess.

  6. my sentiments exactly! concerning the elitist ever tightening noose to choke out our innovativeness to thrive and be left alone!!!!!!!!!

  7. Forgot to mention, I was pretty much in your exact situation. I had about 1/4 of bitcoin and was determined to own 1 full bitcoin. I began being 100% in alts, and got in during the end of the bull run, was up a few thousands, but then went down hard. Had about 20K in. So i’m big in the red. But, now I went all in BTC to even out my portfolio, and cost averaged the few alts I am betting on – NULS, ADA, VEN. I threw in enough to get that full btc when it was around 7800 having the same thoughts you did. I feel relieved to be honest. If it drops more than 4-500 I’ll buy more but content for now. If I was not in a pickle at work, I would probably buy another .5 worth, but can’t take the risk of potentially being out of a job 🙁

  8. hi Austin, I’m a subscriber of your YT channel and really enjoy your videos! I am seeking independent advice about something i have observed on bancor network. on 2 separate occasions I’ve witnessed the price of KIN mirroring the price of BANCOR.
    several days apart i happened to see this price mirroring.
    can you tell me is this a natural phenomenon or something easily explained? i have many screenshots of it occurring and it just made me feel uncomfortable because I have no explanation for it myself.
    I am invested in tokens on bancor and would love to know my investment is safe if you have a simple explanation for what’s going on here. thanks for your time buddy 😁

  9. TRON TRX Releasing The TRON Virtual Machine Tomorrow! Video on my Page! Also OCN Odyssey is related to TRX! Video Also On My Page!

  10. Best coin to buy right now is Stellar, next month they will be a trading platform, platform coins always pump, plus partnership with IMB, Stellar could very well overtake most coins, forget about getting 30 cents anymore.

  11. FACEBOOK sold out their customers by selling the data, how much money is enough? they have to sell your data as well, be careful what you post it will be sold off.

  12. Actually, this is Aaron who did this video. We are brothers… I’m not to familiar with either of those projects. I’ll try to find out.

  13. Facebook will continue having major financial issues ….. Q has showed us this very clearly as well as twitter ! Good video guys

  14. Odd survey for politics. Anarcho-capitalist is also a subset of libertarianism. They are just more to the extreme with removal of the State instead of just limited to a level just enough to prevent anarchy.

    I really hate the left/right dichotomy, it is poorly defined. For some it is based on level of the State. Others, it is based on how willing you are to try/accept new things. Someone on the right can be pro-complete State control and be traditionalist and someone on the left being the same except tradition is based on new ideals. haha

  15. KYC is a good thing if you want to replicate the old financial scheme to cryptos and want the old big players to preserve their status. this will positively affect security (in an old fashion) and will assure your parents will enter this market and lose all their savings, returns will obviously fall down and all will be happy. OR you can embrace projects like monero, deeponion, zcash, btcp and go full anon and private and live long and rich. your choice 😉

  16. basically it it happened once it could be coincidence but each time the prices changed they changed to exactly the same amount. and we’re talking $1.8M through $1.9M etc

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    Thank you so much

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