Is DigiByte A Sleeping Giant? Simply Explained! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review Deep Dive]

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Alright Altcoin Daily Team!

Let's talk about DigiByte! Is it a sleeping giant? Is it a good investment? What even is it!?!?! Let's talk about it!

Ka rite ki. Ohauru.

Link to Altcoin Daily Twitter:

Link to DigiByte CEO talking about DigiByte primary use case NOT being a currency but as cyber-security:

DigiByte on CNBC CryptoTraderJared Tate Interview 2018

Link to DigiByte website:

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***NOT financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research. Make your own decisions.

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Is DigiByte A Sleeping Giant? Simply Explained! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review Deep Dive]

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  1. Great video! I’m a huge digibyte fan. Good point, the website doesn’t have a lot of info. But look into Digi-ID (game changing security). Also most of the foundation members are very active on Twitter, like Josiah Spackman.

  2. Spoke to soon heard you briefly talk about Digi-IDshould try it out and listen to Josiah speak about it.

  3. I think you’re going to miss out on something huge if you wait to invest
    I have a strong feeling about this coin and the tech is unique and strong 💪
    Don’t miss out

  4. i heard digibyte is in Venezuela to teach people how to use cryptocurrency, and by doing so helping them with the financial crisis. Might be big for digibyte and crypto in general !

  5. its the fastest coin on coinomi wallet, fastest to send via exchanes, whats not to get? no matter what jared says, it is the best currency to use, the only negative is its a shame the name is a bit too techy

  6. One of a few coins that actually deserves to be calledA sleeping giant”. Most coins are sleeping because their tech is dead, or unproven to work. It’s open source, wehenga, mau, fast, small fees, multiple algorithms and without Charlie Lee.

  7. Your analysis is spot on. I think DGB is great but without partners or applications the price will stagnate. I recently saw a video where Credits CS has 80 partners and they haven’t released their mainnet. I would love to see them hire a business development person to secure partnerships. If that were to happen, DGB will skyrocket!!

  8. 1 cent I think will not happen and you will miss this bargainit is actively being used to save lives in Venezuela.

  9. They had hired a marketing guy but he apparently was a disappointmen, Tom something. Don’t know what is going on with it now. I have a respectable position in dgb and just considered it a long-term hold.

  10. Bro Partnerships are inevitable for DGB. And by the time you hear of those Partnerships it will be so much higher I suggest you take a very small position at the current price of .035

    Get Digi wit it!……LoL

  11. Community recently raised over 500,000 DGB in a couple of days! Not the first time money harms been raised by the community for Venezuela but this time they’re looking to step up the mission. David Haye and DGB are a great combo. Check out YT videos on the effort if you’re interested. All the best! 👍

  12. Cee Dee The community has taken on themselves with the Digibyte Awareness Team. Check it out twitter. Making some real movements now with lots more exchanges listing DGB and the Utrust partnership. 👍

  13. Altcoin Daily the community has been raising DGB for Venezuela. Recently over 500,000 DGB in 48 haora. Being buying laptops for schools and focusing on education with the help of David Haye. There are videos on YouTube about it and check out DIgibyte Awareness Team on Twitter. 👍

  14. This is why viewing Digibyte as a currency is being very narrow minded….. Imagine voting for politicians on a public blockchain. Voting records would be transparent. Every vote could remain anonymous, but every vote could be accounted for at the same time. This is just one example. Jared Tate stated he is working on a public ledger for realestate using the DGB blockchain. Think of DGB as a decentralized PUBLIC LEDGER and why that is so important. Great video!! Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  15. Kaiwhakahaere Matua??? DigiByte is not a company. There is no CEO. Jared Tate created DigiByte, but he’s not a CEO. It’s the same thing for Bitcoin. Satoshi is the creator, but he’s not the CEO of Bitcoin. I’m not attacking you, but this shows me that you don’t understand the fundamentals of crypto currency. The whole point of crypto is decentralization, and decentralized projects don’t have a CEO. This is why this space is congested with “tohu” that have absolutely zero function besides making the project creators rich.

  16. DGB doesn’t do a lot of marketing because they never did an ICO so they don’t have the money for it. But the tech speaks for itself.
    This coin is only getting better and slowly creeping up into the top 20 without marketing! That speaks volumes in my book. Long term HODL.

  17. I think so, because it is fast, it is very decentralized and very safe. And it has the potential for many use-cases. Plus the fact that digibyte has a special team since april that is supposed to promote digibyte and make it more widely know. Combine all that with the still very low price for DGB, and I really think that digibyte will see huge gains in the (near) future.

  18. talk about ALQO coin I think its very undervalued and has a good chance to win big in the future

  19. Craig Candoryou said “the whole point of cryptocurrency is decentralisation”that’s your world view. If I’m the establishment the whole point is entirely different to yours.

    I know what you’re trying to say, and for you and many other stakeholders (your POV) it’s true but it might be wise to open both eyes and see that the space has competing ideologies, ambitions, goals etc.

    I’m not taking a swipe at you btw!

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