I’m Thinking Of Selling… I Have MAJOR Doubts On Bitcoin’s Bull Run…

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Kei te mea i kitea tenei kōrero nuitia i runga i te ipurangi. Tenei mōhiohio taea kua doctored ranei tukuaki'i e te ipurangi. auraa mōhiohio katoa te mo te mōhio tūmatanui, me te he rohe tūmatanui. e kore te tikanga tenei mōhiohio ki te ngautuara kino faaino ranei tetahi o nga kaiwhakaari whai wāhi engari ki te whakaatu he aha i mea i roto i to ratou pūkete pāpāho pāpori. Tena tangohia tenei mōhiohio, me te mahi i to koutou ake rangahau.

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I’m Thinking Of Selling… I Have MAJOR Doubts On Bitcoin’s Bull Run…

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  1. Buy high, sell low, get rekt crew checking in. Welcome to the crew altcoin daily 😂

  2. As long as the Big Institutions are commanding their watchdog news networks to stay silent on Bitcoin or talk trash about it and as long as they continue to buy it up, I’m not selling anything.

    Since they can’t centralize it through policy, they have to smoke out the little guy and centralize it through owning what we sell off.

    This is exactly what they want to hear, “I’m afraid, I’m scared, I’m selling.”

    They won’t hear that from me.

  3. The bitcoin market encompasses the entire world. Once it breaks the downtrend line at a now manageable 9400, it can moon fast. There is a lot of negativity right now in the market and that, to me, says bottom is very close

  4. Aaron, what I am hearing, after a video a day for almost 2 tau, you sound tired and worn out you and Austin need a break. Go take a break for 2 ranei 3 weeks (atu ranei). Don’t do anything related to Crypto, don’t read, don’t watch videos, or listen.

  5. Bitcoin still a better investment than leaving my cash in the bank. Most banks don’t even give you 1/2 of a percent a year interest-rate. I know in five years bitcoin will give me at least 10% interest on my money. I think that’s a very safe bet. The people that are looking to get rich are too impatient. Thank you for your videos all the time.👊🏼

  6. Not gonna sell, cost averaging+hodl. One should never go all in on one Asset(class) anyway 😉🤙.

  7. Appreciate your honest opinion. Truth isno one knows where bitcoin is going. Don’t put in more than you can afford to lose and be patient.

  8. I’ve just talked to a friend about Bitcoin. She said she was scared. I said I can explain everything. Then she was quickly very interested. This is the second time I’ve heard this. I think many people are like that.

  9. There’s no guarantee in this market. We might be in the 80s cycle of the internet but your kind of forgetting that people didn’t have the internet back then for things to get adopted faster. When mass adoption happens it’s going to be a hell of a lot faster because we’re all connected with technology and the internet. Hang in there bro. Listen to a little bob Loukas to ease the anxiety he has a calming demeanor

  10. here is a quote from kid rock: “Bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy Shake the boogie said up jump the boogie”.
    that quote makes more sense than selling bitcoin at this price

  11. I think I’m going to wait until the price goes up 100% and at $16,000 and then FOMO buy

  12. My thoughts exactly. Do yourself a favor and take a break. Give yourself and the crypto time.

  13. @FuckILoveYouTubby
    He means buy, this may be the last time the average guy is able to buy a whole Bitcoin.

  14. Being early is the same as being wrong…” I can’t remember who said that to me but it holds true in this space at this moment in time. Cryptocurrency is a long game. I think there is alot of fatigue from hodlers and DCA’ers and the longer BTC range trades, the more doubt and infighting takes center stage. We are early. 2020 Bull Mkt is not guaranteed. But who cares. If Bitcoin hits $1MM in 2024 as opposed to 2022, you will have been wrong on the timing but right in the endand you won’t care. Hang in there everyone.

  15. @adrub you might be wise to do just that. If it finally makes a higher high than 13,800 then we are back in business, ranei, you could buy all the way down like I did from 17k to 3k in 2018just sayin

  16. Actually if you put your money in the bank the last couple years you’ll be doing far better LOL

  17. Kei te whakaae ahau. Take a break. Don’t sell. If it goes to 4K, so what. Just buy more. Stay the course. Don’t sell.

  18. Every investement in life is because people want to value in what they invested…..that is the most natural thinking..

  19. I believe in the tech i believe in the value i believe its for a better future …….so why should i not invest????

  20. as I said before that he sounded scared about couple weeks ago when he said he went all in on bitcoinNow people are talking about 6Khe’s worried that he won’t be able to hodl for a long time if we go into an extended period of uncertaintysay 8 months with little upside.. so yes. capitulation but think he’s went in too deep….

  21. Some people are mining items from the Runescape game online to sell for Bitcoin because it is worth more than their local fiat. How’s that for messed up? All fiat goes to zero eventually. Our eventually is almost here.

  22. welcome to switzerland where you have to pay intrest to even have money i the bank.
    you are blessed to still get intrest!
    greetings from Switzerland

  23. @TheDonegalZeus Lmao! Good old coin mastery. Disappears, then comes back when BTC was over 10,000.

  24. @david davian
    Well if they turn the internet off then we all farked!
    Back to the stone age we go.

  25. Fomo indeed. When BTC hits 25k at some point, then the regular media will catch on again.

  26. @Panos Rapos i think because they’re not buying on Binance & KuCoin, they buy OTC

  27. Hi Aaron & Austin – Your channel is fantastic. You articulate your thought on Bitcoin excellently. I’ve only just discovered it as I am a UK small cap tech stock investor but recently started accumulated Bitcoin. I agree with you in regards to time frame and I think its very responsible of you to warn people not to over extend themselves as nothing is a guarantee when it comes to investing.

    Heoi – the thing that will drive Bitcoin to a higher level is in the short term some price weakness. I’ll try to explain. Nobody gets excited about a co’s share price when it is falling. It doesn’t matter how many times you remind people of the upside potential, investors can’t get hyped about a stock or commodity losing value, until it is regarded as an out and out bargain that has a big re-rating milestone appearing. So we need to let the interest wane and selling happen.

    Sooner or later the accumulators (which now inscreasingly include institutions) will outnumber the sellers and the price will start rising. When it does people will start shouting about it and more people will buy, and as supply is fixed and immediate supply will be reducing this will push the price higher and gain more attention. It will be self fuelling.

    A rising price, increases demand and reduces supply which increases the price. It will happen and I believe the news event that will create this re-rating will be the halving.

    Keep up the excellent work.


  28. I run an orphanage in Venezuela anyone wants to donate please no matter how little it might be it will save lives

  29. I say look at it this way, if you believe (not think but truely believe) btc has a high chance of reaching 50k or 100k…etc.

    then I would consider dollar cost averaging in under 10k regardless if you even think the possibility of it dropping to 1k. Just remember to commit to taking profits at the target price points you believe will come.

  30. @FuckILoveYouTubby he means the powers that be are keeping bitcoin low so they can increase their stake cheaply when they’ve accumulated enough the next bull run will begin

  31. bitcoin at least $150,000 i runga i 2021/2022, $1MM on 2026/2027 if the price follows up the fundamentals based on stock to flow model as it followed since the beggining

  32. Guarandamntee you what you’re feeling is exactly what the big boys want you to feel. Nocoiners don’t give two shits about BTC (they’re always the ones that complain about never getting opportunities) “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drinkTake a break Jake.

  33. If you can’t hold for 5-10+ years you’re most likely overexposed financially. It would be smarter to reduce your total position & invest the money in blue chip dividend stocks, then you can keep the cash liquid enough without worrying about short term volatility and buy back in on a confirmed breakout of $15,000 using the same position you sold out ofthat mitigates risk, and the confirmed uptrend is a better time to buy in than buying lower at this stage just my opinion

  34. Been in since 2013 ….. I keep stacking and keep doing everything I can to get more crypto!

  35. @Altcoin Daily That’s the purpose whales dump the price, just to scare out the `week hands` into sale their btc

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