How to beat this Bitcoin CRASH? Ledger Nano S giveaway + Pizza Heroes AMA

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WHAKAKĀHORE: e kore he tohutohu pūtea tenei! Ko te whakaaturanga whakangahau me hāngai whakaaro-tenei. e kore ahau e ahau i te kaitohutohu pūtea. Tena anake haumi aha e taea e koe te utu ki te ngaro, a ka whakatenatena matou koe ki te mahi i to koutou ake rangahau i mua i haumi. DYOR!

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How to beat this Bitcoin CRASH? Ledger Nano S giveaway + Pizza Heroes AMA

29 kōrero

  1. Thanks for the update man really exciting stuff you rock keep rockin😘🤙🏽✌🏽👍🏽

  2. your probably to young to remember max head room lol this video glitches remind me of that. Ya buddy gaming is a good avenue .

  3. I doubt BTC will go as far down as $3100 rānei – rawa nui moni i roto i reira i teie nei. Ka mea e taea e tōna taea nga ananahi kaitākaro BTC hou peia te utu ki raro āwenewene mā te whiwhi i muri te pullback iti, me te eke i te reira i roto i o te rahi katoa. kite ahau tupu tenei ki te hoki parahi utu i roto i te 1980 – kite taua whanonga te iwi utu atu atu kia kua haere te reira, me te korero i roto i te mutunga nga mana i ratou ki te takoto atu ia ratou e whakawehi ratou ki tūkino i te ahumahi! My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Paulo Philip program,He guides traders by providing trade signals which are so accurate i have made 8Btc in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just 1.5Btc. I think more crypto experts should do more like him to make an impact in other less seasoned traders. Paulo can be contacted by telegram Paulophilips440 or WhatsApp+1(985)686-0034—

  4. The best feeling is knowing you’re going to create a gain today and tomorrow, and you’re 100% sure, Diego, you’re a don

  5. au e ahau rawa māia e pā ana ki tenei hōtaka Paulo, Kei te hoko aku hoa Bitcoin ki tona hōtaka, a e ratou whakaatu tonu i ahau te pai ratou, te reira i te whai wāhi ki te hopu i te reira i mua i te reira te mutunga.

  6. Ronnie Moas, a crypto-monetary analyst anticipated that by 2019 BTC taea te whakatutuki $28,000

  7. The Paulo philips program news is everywhere, it’s not new, well I’m still trying it out. I’ll go back to buying crypto because I haven’t recovered from my loss

  8. The Bitcoin price will reach $23,499 i te mutunga o 2019, which implies the 2018 bearish trend is ending and shifting to the bullish trend.

  9. If i were you i would delete and redo this video. You are telling everyone your building a massive game and your stream video is terrible. Won’t convince anyone. I am not complaining I love the vision and would like it to succeed and this video is not going to help!

  10. Yeah problems with the stream it’s true! We needed to update our community but will private the video soon for quality reasons

  11. Great AMA, awesome to hear more about Pizza Heroes and the road ahead. Game looks fantastic. Keep up the great work you guys are doing, love Pizza Heroes and EVO

  12. I love the hopes and die-hard faith XRP enthusiasts have in the company ripple, its coin and products, and XRP has come intending to revolutionize transfers and put banks out of business and theoretically, the purpose could be achieved in years to come but what if not? What if SWIFT launches a counter product of its own? What is Government regulations tomorrow makes things difficult for XRP? What if the company Ripples is taken out? What if it’s just hype after all? I know the believers of xrp are very much convinced about the future of the coin and are even further convinced by influences on youtube but I can assure you hodling your savings in xrp could be very risky in the future. I am also a lover of the decentralization idea and i love XRP and have made an enormous amount of xrp some of which I plunge continually into my real estate business and hodl some. The amazing thing is I didn’t get there by buying but grew by trading 50,000 XRP and 4 BTC with Thiago Fernandez trade patterns and signals in very minimal time. I advise you to hodl all you want but do not accumulate with your hard-earned savings but by starting decent and trading to increase your portfolio as I did. I’d also recommend Thiago (** if you need some guidance and assistance on picking up with this strategy

  13. We are going above 13k but I agree, probably not much further. My upside target max is 18k so once we get above 18k, my stops will be moving way up

  14. I have been trading with Mr. Thiago for a while and I’ve been making a consistent profit through his unique strategy and understanding of the market

  15. Good luck getting to 35K, you’ll get there. Can’t wait for release of Pizza Heroes, been talking to my 10yr old son about it, trying to teach him about blockchain and crypto😊 Keep up the great work!!

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