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The New Kids On The Blockchain ring more cryptocurrency news chatting to Moshe Joshua from Blackmoon about their platform, the only operational blockchain investment platform, and their new crypto indexes that allow trading with intelligence.

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Blockchain ProjectsBlackmoon .Trading, Crypto News and Technology

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  1. That looks cool. Im new to trading so if i can follow some strategies that would be a huge help. Problem for me is I don’t know where to start. Im tired of Hodling in this market.

  2. Ah i’ve heard about Blackmoon from a few people but were never quite sure what they did, this is great

  3. Almost sounds too good to be true, Is it? Been burned before in Crypto by slick talk and no delivery on promises!

  4. I’d like to learn more about this are you doing a video on the platform? Be good to see it in action

  5. My understanding is you can follow the different index’s with different risk profiles. Hope to have more soon as talking about doing some more content

  6. the platform is live and apparently the only trading platform like this that is

  7. Blackmoon has tokens listed on their platform. Each token is backed by an underlying asset (i.e. ETF share). The value of the token is 1:1 to the value of asset. And yes you buy in with ETH or BTC

  8. Polymath is only technological provider. Blackmoon is a Token Issuer + Tech provider + Sales Channel ( Plus Blackmoon Platform already operationalPolymath protocol not)

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