Bitcoin (BTC): Koe e kore e Me rite nui rite feruri koe

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What Will Happen When All Bitcoins Are Mined?

What Will Happen When All Bitcoins Are Mined?


Ripple CEO Shows He’s Not an XRP Maximalist After All

KuCoin Lists Binance Coin, Supports Binance Chain Projects

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Bitcoin (BTC): Koe e kore e Me rite nui rite feruri koe

95 kōrero

  1. I unfortunately don’t have a full Bitcoin However I am a very happy that I own Bitcoin regardless.

  2. I’ve only managed 0.5 BC , as got in only 2 months ago but sill happy. Just aiming to get 1 .

  3. Having just fragments of bitcoin could make you a millionaire in the next 10 ki 15 tau!

  4. Watching that green candle climb so fast was a rush. 🚀 Would have been a fun time for you to live stream. Maybe next time it starts running toward a big number? Thx for this video. 😎

  5. I was waiting for dump from 8kstill nothing,,,,so I bought today 0,55 BTC…Now I expect a giant dump cause I bought :D….like everytime.

  6. As a new father, I feel absolutely blessed beyond comprehension to have found Bitcoin when I did (January 2019). It only took me 3 days of research into what this new technological asset was all about to be utterly convinced that I was looking at the future of money. I will be able to pass on wealth to my little one.
    Cheers, you two. Your news coverage has helped me over the past 6 marama. Much appreciation.

  7. Long story shortI bought 2 BTC last year on the way down @ about 9k eachneedless-to-say it was gut wrenching when BTC dropped to 3k. I didn’t accumulate, BUT THANKFULLY I didn’t sell either!! Good times are here again!! 🙂

  8. Owning Bitcoin is the way to fight systemic financial corruption. Look at Italy as an example, the Italian government have declared an amnesty of any national hiding Euros in bank safety boxes, they will charge them a reasonable tax rate, anyone hiding cash that had not declared it will face some kind of punitive action.
    Looks like Italy and other European countries are facing a crisis.
    The flight to Gold , Silver and Bitcoin will be huge .

  9. @Michael Subroto True and thats the reason my gut told me to take the vechain profits and put it in btc to rally up, atleast i can buy some vechain on the way down while its cheap

  10. atomicbombGreat job! Everyone tells teenagers to save money but they dont ever explain WHY….I finally realized at age 29 that if I saved $330k USD I would be able to invest it and make enough money off the investments to not work anymore and be able to basically go on holiday anytime I wanted. So yeah, I personally recommend having a specific amount of £ that you need for whatever your goal isIt becomes much easier to save money after that. Hell, I would live in my car for 2 years if I thought it would save me enough money to meet my goal 😀. I hope you reach yours.

  11. Bought one at 3100 and have been DCA per week ever sinceI’m a lucky dude

  12. Check out my halving animationsThe halvings will give a supply schock to the financial world 🧡

  13. Your future may have gotten brighter my friend. Just make sure to make a mental note of when u want to pull some of your profits and take a bit of risk off the table. We all wanna see it got the peak but sometimes it’s best to know when to pull some out

  14. Another 4-5yrs you won’t be able to buy 1 btc it will be over 100k trying to be realistic but could be 1,000,000 😮

  15. I’ve anticipated alogical correctiontime after time. but I learnt one thing, BTC does what it wants. its it’s own beast

  16. gosh, same! I bought at around 11k. I bought again at 6k. It’s so exciting to see the price now hit 11k again!

  17. @Silver Herder I’m at exactly .25 and idk if I should try to get up to .33 right now or if I should just focus on gathering more of my Alts together 😭

  18. Not so sure. Seeing some credible analysts who have been right a lot saying late aug-early oct a sharp correction.

  19. The Legend Maybe you bought my coins haha. I got in at 300-500$ and sold my coins at 4k. 4k was massive and more than we had ever seen before.. I didn’t think it would go any higher so I sold out. Then maybe 2-3 months later I see its at 13k and it was shocking. This time I bought back in at 3500-3700$ in december. Invested 25k$ and so far its paid off.

  20. Good for you. I only wish I had money to spend on Bitcoin when I was 14. Thankfully I’m 20 now and have been accumulating since 3k in December! I wish us both the best for the future.

  21. yes we know this but joe public does not. 99% of the public including those you mention have no real idea on BTC. They still see it as that weird techy digital currency.

  22. Good going after 2 marama, you are still ahead of 99.9 % of the world population owning 0.5. Good luck with the other 0.5.

  23. @Ifeanyi O. Why are you on youtube, if I bought in 2012 I would be on some yacht or an island…….jkjkjk

  24. Pi coin has already had 2 halvings since its launch 12 weeks ago. The 3rd halving comes days from now at 100K miners.
    It’s really huge. Currently 50K active miners.
    App store and Play store searchPi Network
    Code: Tom4d

  25. BTC can even swell to $1,000,000. But think to yourself if this is what Satoshi intended? It’s meant to replace fiat as spendable cash.

  26. Pi coin has already had 2 halvings since its launch 12 weeks ago. The 3rd halving comes within days at 100K miners.
    It’s really huge. Currently 50K active miners.
    App store and Play store searchPi Network
    Code: Tom4d

  27. impressive, i’ve been steady trading and reinvesting since 2018, and i’m currently making $4000 in profit weekly.

  28. @Veganomix capitalism will bring next war, and internet will be shut down, and all bitcoin will be lost. sad but thats the Future!

  29. @Charles Patterson Wauw thx man i appreciate that, i had to sacrifice alot for that btc .Lets hope it pays off.

  30. @Chris S No, it will never go down to 2K, everything is different than back in 2017, BTC is more renown and has been adopted.

  31. For me to have bought when I did and to keep buying, BTC must becoming mainstreamed and fast

  32. @Patrick Carr Jesus Christ 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 , I sent 2.1 ETH and after a few mins I just got 21 to my Binance account

  33. @Vincent Zandri, Noir Author exactly. And right now it is nothing than speculating. Or should i say its a B wave bulltrap by whales. Anyway bitcoin or Fiat is both Devils weapon over humanity. When do you guys realize money doesnt exist. Its a Tool to make you slaves. And what if goverment can clone bitcoins as easy as printing money. 🤔

  34. @Patrick Carr bless you, I just got from there 24.3 ETH maybe you would make video about it

  35. @Altcoin Daily OMG this is crazy asf I exchanged all my BTC for ETH and got 11 ETH from there! Thank you so much for sharing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. @LoOol XxD dont worry. Alts can do the trick too in the next bull runThink on ADA, PUNDIX, only worth right now cents, it is not as reliable as BTC, but if you accumulate a few hundreds of thousands and any of them hits 1$, with a totally possible market capitalization, you can became a millionare alsoThats possible tooPUNDIX is a great proyect, tron,ADA, etc. There is a few…. Take the time and do some research, im doing it… o te akoranga, always keep 50% in BTC at least. pā

  37. 3000 years ago there was a father who researched copper and concluded it would be the money of the future. Which it was, for some time, until gold took over.

  38. halving gets less important. since in the beginning it was the only way to get bitcoins. nowadays you can buy them from 10% of the people of the world.

  39. @Munsters Kim well donebut just imaginewithin this and 5 ordinary people like you and me are even gonna be able to buy 0.1 BTC….think about it….

    I already struggle now to buy BTC, because of other expenses.. i maybe can buy 0.01 each week LOL and this is at 9k $..

    Imagine if the price is like 20k -40k$i won’t be able to even buy 0.002 BTC each weekSAD FACE.

    I HATE BULL RUNS!!!! serious i do haha

  40. Don’t fck waste it to garbage in the future!! DO’nt waste it on woman, don’t buy fancy cars to lure money hungry women etc

    Lol in 15 years if you say you have 0.15BTC..women will jump on you like you are saying. I got 5 Ferrari ,1 yacht and 4 houses and then they plunder it all haha

  41. don’t bother with the $$$…..just wait….i roto i 15 years can crash fck hard….Money you can printBitcoin you can’t….people just don’t get it stilleverything get digitalized, the BTC value will have many aspects to it, decentralized/hash d on’t build that kind of hashrate in a yearits a accumulation of many many years , don’t need to store it in vault like gold etc , you are your own protector, fast transaction of wealth,borderless,you have it at all times with you and at the same time you don’t….not like running around with a clump of gold 24/7….but you have acces to it 24/7wherever you are

    VHS=digital mp4 etc
    Personal data =digitalized
    communication=digital/whatsapp etc
    Money=50% digital==>with crypto it will be over 80%, fiat will always in some form exist i t hink, but won’t be convenience to use anymore when we move towards a digital society

    Internet=border less too==>reason why it also is so big..i c an talk to you and you to me and we might be 50000 miles away, it takes 0.1 sec to do so….same like the transfer of wealth..doesn’t matter you a re 60000 miles away or 9000 hours awaymoney arrives fast without hassle.

    just reread your post

    I’ve seen my basket go from 6k to 87k to 10k to 45k it’s a crazy roller coaster

    Now just imagine behind each number add two ‘0’
    that s hould be the goalDon’t go for 5 digit numbers..go for 6-8 digit numbers

  42. you are right and wrong. Europe is hidding its crisis but eventually it will burst and be exposed, thats where you are right
    But you are wrong to say the flight to gold and silver and btc will be huge

    You need to understand 99% of the people in your society are not like you when it comes to finances/investing….99% don’t care about silver/gold/btc

    They care about fiat..they don’t understand the concept of inflation+pyramid scheme of fiat/bankers.
    And in the end they get what they deserve..a man that lays his life fully in the hands of other men/politicians/system is sooner or later gonna be burned

    and lets be real….if that time comesGold will be over 2500$
    Btc will surely be over 70k$
    And maybe you have no clue about most familiesbut most family don’t even have 5k$ savings in EU let alone say 3k$….
    THe middle class and poor classes won’t buy gold/silver/BTC because they CANNOT AFFORD IT..
    If BTC rise in price..its because fiat is collapsing..not because people are buying BTC and pumping money in it.

    If you understand hyperinflation..that means your 1 dollar today will be 5000$ dollar in hyperinflation..but it still has the same value and strength you can buy stuff in hyperinflationa coke could cost you 5000$ and a bread might cost you 10000$
    And you might earn 250.000$ but that will put BTC over 10 million or more$not because BTC is increased so much in strength..its because fiat has decreased so hard in strength that it appears BTC 10 million$

    Hopefully a transition will be madeso w e can count in satoshi in the future, then everything will be paired against satoshi===>this is the golden time for HODLERS

  43. @L K were lucky it went from 20k to 3k, no chance in the world to get 1 btc at 20k for me, i only make like 400 a week like most people, feels good to be a part of it!!

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