🔥Blockchain Crypto News Today! 🔥CloakCoin Giveaway + BTC + STOs v ICOs + WBF 😱

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💥BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO NEWS! 💥 New Kids On The Blockchain coming to you with all the blockchain technology and crypto news!


✔️World Blockchain Forum London!
✔️STO or ICO?
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Music by http://www.bensound.com

🔥Blockchain Crypto News Today! 🔥CloakCoin Giveaway + BTC + STOs v ICOs + WBF 😱

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  1. If I had an invisible cloak I’d creep into the Winklevoss twins house and listen what they are up to for some inside knowledge!!!

  2. WBF looked good. Jeff Berwick spoke there didn’t he? Big fan of Jeff and Dollar Vigilante would love to have seen that but couldn’t make it

  3. Tuatahi o te katoa, congratulations for the show ♥♥♥ 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
    If i had access to a CLOAK of invisibility, I would go for the main closed-door meetings of governments and pressure groups to record their deliberations and expose them to the whole world 😎

  4. thanks very much, we appreciate it 🙂 . don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to be in the running 🙂

  5. That Goldman story was massive FUD, FUD, FUD !! all it takes is a bit to mash the market down

  6. Have you guys heard about this mystery bitcoin wallet that hasn’t moved in 4 years and now is starting to. With a billion of BTC in it. Sounds well suspect ;p

  7. I was at WBF London on the Wednesday, I looked out for you guys but couldn’t see you? Jeff Berwick was by far the best speaker there. :)))

  8. Can you get that guy from Populous on. Steve something. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him interviewed!

  9. Did you say you were doing some videos on trading? Need to learn how to maximise this sideways market. Cant just HODL anymore as my portfolio is suffering!

  10. There better be a way to keep the tokens we have if it all goes to s***t. not that’s it’s in a good place anyway!!!

  11. Just suspicious that it took them a few days before they confirmed it was fake news. But of course I dont trust the banks.

  12. If I had a invisible cloak would sneak of to the US and visit the offices of the Digital Currency group and look into what manipulation they are trying to do and share it with Bix so the lid can be blown off on it. No point doing it to the banks we all know what they are up to its the silent ones we need to check up on why.

  13. Thanks for another great show!! Enjoy CoinFest. If i had a cloak I’d want to be in the SEC’s meeting this month to hear which way the SolidX ETF decision goes!!!

  14. If I had an invisible cloak I would use it everytime I’m playing rugby so that the opposition can’t see me whilst I’m running pass them scoring dozens of tries!

  15. Great video guys thanks. Really interested in this ICO versus STO discussion. worried about my holdings!!!

  16. if i were invisible I’ll just sit around naked all day watching Man Vs Food in the middle of an American dive bar eating nachos. Wearing ONLY a nacho hat.

  17. Ooh good question! If i were invisible I’d be like you Ash, can’t give that one away if there are kids reading! LoL!!

  18. With a cloak of visibility, i would replace that horrible national bank by the cloak moto, BYOB #cloak 💪🏽💪🏽

  19. If I had an invisibility cloak, I would regularly attend SEC meetings and whisper to members positive thoughts about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
    In the end they will think that this is their inner voice and won’t be able to resist it! Then I’ll tell them to approve Bitcoin-ETF and we’ll see the long-awaited bull run)

  20. Tbh, if I had an invisible cloak I would probably walk around with a portable speaker and play mood appropriate backing music for whatever was happening.

  21. hahahah thats brilliant!! don’t forget to like , share and subscribe to be in the running

  22. very good!! don’t forget to like , share and subscribe to be in the running

  23. hahaah i hope its coming!! don’t forget to like , share and subscribe to be in the running

  24. good old BIX. don’t forget to like , share and subscribe to be in the running

  25. thats my kind of day!! don’t forget to like , share and subscribe to be in the running

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