🔥Blockchain Crypto News 🔥ELASTOS, METALPAY and SAFEX Giveaway

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👍The New Kids On The Blockchain are back this week from HOLLYWOOD with our weekly round-up of cryptocurrency news, blockchain news and cool technology!

tenei wiki!

✔️Blockchain News
✔️Elastos talk about their plans
✔️MetalPay on their cash transfer app on the blockchain with rewards
✔️Amazing SAFEX Giveaway!



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🔥Blockchain Crypto News 🔥ELASTOS, METALPAY and SAFEX Giveaway

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  1. Hahahah brilliant, FLASH GORDON. Maybe he can save CryptoWe only have 14 hours to save the shitcoins!

  2. great to chat to you guys 🙂 Your stand was a hive of fun and activity at Token Fest

  3. My favourite small cap coin is Docademic (MTC)
    Because it brings 24/7 free basic healthcare for the world through telemedicine.
    They also have a psychological help service that you can call.
    This is great for people who live in remote areas and don’t have quick access to a doctor.

  4. great answer. 🙂 don’t forget to like, subscribe and share to be in the running 🙂

  5. hi guys how are you thank you for the video good day safex is gem for 2019-20, my favorite small cap coin right now is WPR wepower energy based project sleeping giant project well thank you again for the video good day god bless ya 🙂

  6. thanks very much , really appreciate the feedback . trying to get the videos seen by as many peeps as poss 🙂

  7. thank you and welcome your video always informative guys if you interested to do review on ico then good well great for now see you in next one good day god bless ya:)

  8. Nice to see Metal Pay getting some exposure.👍
    Been using their app these last two weeks. Look a lot nicer than the Venmo app for sure.

    Also used the Crumbs app instead of Coinbase to instant buy some crypto (cheaper fees was appreciated).

  9. I’m loving Veritaseum because it allows ANYONE to have a hedge fund…I’m buying whilst its cheap ;p

  10. Everybody got a dream! I bet everyone in LA is suddenly a Blockchain expert. Gotta love their bragging out there :>

  11. You guys going to the LA Blockchain summit in a couple of weeks? Is that why you’re out there????

  12. Well I find Elastos interesting in way that they want to give one general solution for all problems. It’s like Microsoft getting universally accepted as operating system for computer systems, without which the device becomes useless. I think they are trying to do same thing with the internet. Well thought idea I must say!

  13. My favorite coin with a small cap is New Kind of Network (NKN)


    Tuatahi, I think that great people are behind every great project. NKN has an excellent team with experience in NEO, Onchain, Google, Nokia, Amazon.

    Secondly, the idea. NKN solves an important problem and creates a global infrastructure for decentralized Internet.

    I roto i toku whakaaro, the project has enormous prospects in the long term. Now it’s capitalization is less than 10 miriona.

  14. I totally agree that safex is awesome. But no use comparing safex to elastos. Elastos is selling idea of blockchain powered internet in future, where it will serve as a platform for decentralized apps(dapps). Safex is totally different thing. Its a privacy coin, which promises to provide a decentralized marketplace where people can buy goods in exchange of cryptocurrencies.

  15. you guys rl have nothing more to pay attention to but his profile??? 😀 how are we to create future 😛

  16. I think trading has to be the money making tactic here cos the markets and ICOs certainly don’t look good!!

  17. Love the project and banter vids over the events, great to learn about what’s out there, do more of these . PLEASE!!!

  18. Flashh ahhhhhsave of the cryptoverse!!! ⚡⚡⚡
    My favorite small cap project is this little gem called Cloakcoin
    Good arternoon, folks

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