Why Is The Price Falling Like This? Miner Capitulation DUMP Coming? CME Gap At $7,161?

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_*DISCLAIMER: Leverage trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, ary 70-80% of all traders lose money. Ataovy azo antoka fa hahatakatra ireo loza raha toa ianao ka mpanao voalohany. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders.*_

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Why Is The Price Falling Like This? Miner Capitulation DUMP Coming? CME Gap At $7,161?

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Namboarin'i Sara Bauer sy Richard Abermann

57 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Price is inside Golden pocket + bull div on MACD and RSI on daily. Screaming for relief rally/reversal here. Really. It perfectly touched the bottom of the golden pocket. It’s pump or drown from here. Lot’s of fear and panic now. Perfect buy moment for me 🙂

  2. Going to around 5k then will probably bounce of the weekly 200 moving average, if that happens I will go long & put a stop loss below weekly 200 Moving average, perhaps 4.6K.

  3. has it ever occured to you that it’s just another manipulated market?
    I’m not sure you will ever see afree marketfor anything in your entire life

  4. Sorry, I’m crying manipulation here. There is definitely an outside force at work here to cause that kind of a dump. Yeah, the miner theory is possible — as is anything. Including straight out manipulation. The controlling whales know we are entering the next big phase of BTC and they are doing everything they can to stifle the price action. The charts make no sense given all the bull sentiment. So frustrating. We make good ground, then it’s all given up in a couple of days.

  5. @The Moon Carl, if it is right, could you refer to it in the next video because I would like to understand it. Thanks 😉

  6. Question: If this is the first time that Bitcoin has turned into a bear run while actually in a bull run, doesn’t this also mean that it could turn around as quickly again? I mean, who guarantees that it will stay in the bear run and follow the theory that it just broke?

  7. Then hodl. The only thing I can do when I trade is lose money so I stopped and started a routine of just buying bitcoin. Now it’s a few years later and I’m retired. I hold no great amount, just enough for a single frugal guy with an old pickup truck camper to travel around the country and cover his expenses until two pensions and social security start paying something in about 11 taona.

  8. Oh you’re no doubt correct but I didn’t get into bitcoin to just hand it all over to the crypto banksters and their paper fractional reserve exchanges. I started buying precious metals because I hate money printing and how it causes inflation. They print money and effectively give us a pay cut every year because all the prices go up. Then you have to either get a raise somehow, get a higher paying job or settle into a lower standard of living. But if you do manage to get a raise you have to pay a greater percentage of your earnings to the IRS because you’re in a higher tax bracket. It’s a real scam. But if you get precious metals or bitcoin you can get out of their money printing ponzi to a large degree. Izany, plus the fact that you can take it with you with you leave the country and there’s nothing the feds can do about it except throw you in a cell if they want to keep your money within the states. The fewer bitcoins there are on the exchanges the harder it is for them to manipulate. And if you keep more than a few percent of your wealth on exchanges, you’re part of the problem.

  9. Picking up a woman from a bar is a free market. You either got it or you don’t, the attraction of the sexes will always be a free market.

  10. Bitcoin needs to go to 3k so it can pump a bit for the halving XD. As bakkt volume grows lalong with adoption, CME is just going to sell more BTC on paper. You guys are finished. Just like the guys back at pennystock waiting for a x20 again lol

  11. @Tin Krecmart We’ll just have to wait & see. But if it does reach 5k 200 weekly MA, there is a very strong possibility of an initial bounce.

  12. @Jo Hn Actually I’m short BTC, look at my comment from 3 days ago, but with BTC anything can happen, it could turn around anytime and wipe my profit within an hour!! that’s why it’s NEVER a good to trade 10X 20X even 5X leverage, that’s just suicidal.

  13. The 61.8 fib was just not tested good enough , and the cme gap between 6.8k and 7.2k was not filled , the pump from 7.3k to 10.6k was a over reaction of people buying and whales buying because they tought 61.8 % was touched but it was not , can you imagine how many buy orders are about to get triggerd now its probably double botteming on the 61.8 fib if if daily closes above , this weekend or next week could become a amazingly epic bull event , second btc completed a perfect eliot wave in a falling channel now at 6.8k , third cme gap is filled and there is another one as you know at 11.8k, so what do you think is about to happen again? The bull move incoming soon could be 3x as bigg as the mega oktober move we saw on that friday

  14. We need to NOT listen to what China says. They want ultimate oversight and control of their monetary system. That = Not Bitcoin!

  15. This is literally the reason I dropped out of college, now I trade every day until 5am. Yesterday I caught the drop and made 160% with 30x leverage 😀

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