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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

manafintohina!! $1,500,000,000 TETHERS pirinty! Bitcoin Bull Run antomotra?!!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

50 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. really short-sighted lot of unemployment because of we are in lockdown, more fear mongering to buy fake money

  2. hahahaha ITS NOT an ascending triangle, lol, this is the bearest market ever. tether pumps to keep u noobs buying, but its FAKE VOLUME.

  3. tell me if i am wrongtether printed from air (empty asset)…. so biigger BTC prize means just inflation and no store of value

  4. @PLAN B Try to buy some real gold or silver tokens. Cant buy them.. Watch then @ the spotprise of gold and silver to see where the real scamming happens..

  5. If everyone is expecting a pump, it’s pretty certain it’s not gonna happen. The scumbags will liquidate everyone.. Coke and hookers aren’t cheap!

  6. Here we go again. As soon as carl and ivan on tech give bullish sign, the market dumps lol.

    The reason i subscribed carl the moon and ivan on tech is for doing the exact opposite . I make money when i do the opposite of these two say

  7. @Its time for plan B ‘It’s time for Plan Barguing with ‘Plan B’. I think there’s a Bible quote about this ‘And they will throw their gold and silver into the streets, and it’s time for plan B will argue with plan B, but neither will consider plan C at any cost.

  8. @Sonny Brisbane just keep your eyes and ears open is all i can say. If Plan B doesnt work out offcourse there is a plan C and D but i am hoping plan B is enough 🙂

  9. CMC’s refresh rate seems to be f***ed already,… This is messing with my price check habits! Be aware of the changes people!

  10. I didn’t hear Carl say to do anything. Ascending triangle = 70% CHANCE to the upside. Carl went on to say bearish wick above triangle and bearish down trend makes him skeptical of it breaking up. Where in this video did Carl give advice or say how to trade this market other than wait and see?

  11. Supposedly Tether printed that is backed by USD. If your point is that USD is printed out of thin air, therefore so is Tether, that is different from what you said because Tether isnt in control of the US Treasury and didn’t print USDT out of thin air. Regardless, yes, there is money printing that will find itself moving into crypto, but only after there is a vaccine for Covid-19, and after people feel comfortable spending money again. No job = no velocity of money. (See Mike Maloney’s Secrets of Money Part 7.)

  12. @Justin Chris What are you talking about? You’ve posted this as a comment twice so far that I’ve seen. You come across as an anti-Moon troll trying to stir up trouble. “The guy?” Really? Do you even know whothe guy” dia?

  13. Thether new printed money already in the system. Moved to Bitfinex bought BTC moved to Coinbase sold for $ withdrawn to bank account

  14. True, we all are sitting at home doing nothing because we cant. So many unemployed but they will run out and throw their money into the Bitcoin/Tether casino🤣

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