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44 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. I think we’ll get rejected at the 9500 resistance once or twice more, but each time fall back to a higher low. With multiple same highs and higher lows, it creates a giant ascending triangle (which is bullish), and then break out for the halving fomo run.

  2. There where 3 gaps in the cme futures chart in the 8000 ny 14000 bullrun which were only filled in the subsequent correction. what do you think about that carl?

  3. We crossed the 200 on the xi Jing ping pump, and capitulated back down significantlyWould likely to see this happen again.

  4. I thought gaps only happened over the weekend? or does the futures market close in the evening too? (sorry I’m still learning)

  5. I know right? That’s going to get mental when that starts to happen.

    It almost got their in 2017, had soooo many family members asking about bitcoin then.
    I expect the next pump to have them ALL asking.

  6. Hi Carl. On your next post could you perhaps educate us with a brief explantion of why CME gaps are filled i.e. some explanation on how it benefits the futures and drives this likelihood. Sterling work as always, brilliantly concise and a pleasure to watch

  7. Carl, you keep using the gap from a market that closes two days per week. you will always get gaps using that metric.
    I don’t see how those two markets relate.

  8. Halving is coming, miners have to make around the same as now so after halving its gonna be minimum 14k,come back to this comment in 3 volana.

  9. So many saying and wishing that the price will go down so that they can buy more (when most of the time they don’t buy, they just wish for even lower prices). You’re not special and the market does not care about you.

  10. They should have CME Futures should stay open 24/7 so then we will never have to worry about price retracing to cover the gaps

  11. @Benjamin Rehder 1. Don’t worry about it, trade it like Carl does!
    2. Price would still retrace, lol.
    3. CME employees need time off from work too, ya know!

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