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47 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Can some one explain, why everyone is expecting that big volume like when we fell to 3.8? That day people just panic sold and fomo bought it. We just cannot see volumes like that everytime.

  2. but carl, I understand when you talk about the volume but, if we look at the past the volumes we have today are higher than the previous volumes before the big drop ..
    So i think we have a important volume

  3. Traders who are all out continue to be fearful waiting for stupidly lower prices thinking it will happen again(missing on the first opportunity) because of the news, USA’s unemployment rate blah blah which constantly plays with their emotions rather than logically putting something together and being rational/having a backup plan. Not saying it wont go down or correct, but the very first drop was waayyy oversold. Trading the news is not always the best option and the world does move on.

    I wouldn’t want my life savings in traditional stocks”, but a few k on cryptos could be an option hence its steady growth after its crash.

  4. Anyone notice the liquidity grab to the downside before the dump? How come we never got one to the upside?

    Too long for a bear flaglooks more like a drawn out reversal.

    If we continue to dump through the weekend then Monday’s CME gap might turn into a magnet for more upside.

  5. The market is going up strictly because the Fed is pumping money into the market that is all none of it is real. You would have to be a complete uneducated moron to believe the recent pumping has any truth to it. Its straight manipulation!!

  6. The Heikin Ashi candles with RSI/MACD and Ichimoku Clouds are showing bearish patterns for the next 48 hours and then bullishness coming in with the daily and the weekly timeframes so if we get through the next 48 hours with sideways action we are good to go much higher to the halving around 8k otherwise we may test 6400 in the next 2 days.Good luck everyone 🙂

  7. Dear Carl, thank you so much for your Bitcoin TA videos. Each day I learn something new from your videos.
    I have one little request to make, if you could kindly dedicate one minute of your video time for ETH TA too, that would really be a valuable source of information for us and may even help you earn more subscribers. Thanks in advance.
    Regards from India.

  8. hey carl,
    What is making your content so good is you are discussing the hot topics of the cryptospace, an price update, economics and it’s a short video!
    keep up the good work. i am a daily viewer. grtz

  9. Carl, please stop talking about likes and subscribersI like your content and and I like your videos but you sound desperate.

  10. Guys, can someone tell me why BTC is correlating with the stock market? I thought BTC would behave more like gold. Angamba, it’s too early in the game? Thx

  11. Sachin T. I agree to that. But why do we want to have a confirmation on a larger volume like when we fell to 3.8 . We could have lesser volumes but still go down or even up like we did from 5k till now.

  12. Awesomeness Yess thanks for replying. That is what even I am trying to prove. Low volume moves are important too. If we where looking for big volume from 5.5 for confirmation we would have lost opportunity to make some profit till 7.4. the same goes for this rejection. Let’s not wait for confirmation here. And I still agree to your words. Low volume will lead to big moves. But expecting a big move always for confirmation isn’t something ideal.

  13. If I had invested 1,5 years ago my money in gold I would run with a smile on my face like the joker, but I bought bitcoin now I am behaving like the joker.

  14. I still very much find cryptocurrency as my most favourite digital investment mostly when it comes to the leading asset Bitcoin, although bitcoin has been in an unstable, up and down momentum for somedays now and has been able to find a partial support at $7,000 region against the US dollars. But the good thing is that the bulls are still trying to be strong so as to reach the $7,500 resistance level against the US dollars which would signals a very strong bullish momentum towards $8,000 in near term.This is an indication to buy more at the current low and consider trading to increase that portfolio. I did this during the last big dip when I bought an addition of 4 btc which I traded with Jose Amaury’s signals and have been using his guided trading strategy ever since. Within a couple of weeks, my trading portfolio grew from about 1 btc to over 6.9 and his accuracy is just outstanding. Jose is a true leader in his rights and I think more like him have to emerge to assist the every growing population of crypto enthusiasts. He can be reach via Whatspp: +18603753318 and Telgram @ JOSE37 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  15. The popular notion is that bitcoin trading is a no win game and I really believed this but my orientation has shifted for good and I have jose to thank for this..

  16. JOSE is a genius, i bought btc last week for 6k and trading with his signals has added one more btc to it making it 2btc. am so happy i found him.

  17. If I’m going to start trading then it’s definitely going to be with (JOSE AMAURY) strategy! My wife trades with it every week and her payout is always around $10k or so

  18. Exactly the same thing is happening to BTC. The pump was made by Tether that was buying BTC with fake money then dumping it for USD . The 2017 bull run was also made by Tether. The proofs are all over the internet but the brainwashed moon boys prefer to listen to so called crypto influencers that get their money from fooling people. BTC is only a ponzi scheme and you will learn that the hard way!

  19. The kids need to be reminded that .. in 2002, AOL lost in one year, the equivalent of the entire marketcap of crypto, and then dis-a-f’n-peared. Make real sh** that real people will benefit from .. just existing and waiting for civilization to collapse is losing strategy.

  20. Yes i agree. Its rather confusing if you see the price going up while all the indicators show it should be going downMakes no sense seems fraudulent

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