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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Jereo ny lahatsary mba hianatra bebe kokoa!

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41 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Above the 200 weekly os positive, the pending death cross negative. Waiting for the weekly close with further align the 2 indicators in terms of time to conformation. Prediction here is another pump to 6k and rejection to 4700

  2. No not decoupling yet. SPY (S&P 500) will bounce today with a reversal candle on the daily and bullish divergence on a daily. And even if spy doesn’t, you can’t compare the two on a day by day basis. they move together on a macro level so that mean the weekly. It’s not always the same day that they move. Just look back in the charts and you’ll see.

  3. Just wait for a crossover of the 50ema and 200ema on the daily, find a pullback and buy with a managed risk by putting a stop below the 200ema or the previous low. If you really expect a big bull run on the long run don t complicate your tranding by following the price day after day tryind to pick a good entry.. if really bitcoin will go to 100k or 200k does’t it matter to buy it at 6k or 10k ? No. So stay away right now it s gonna recover during this year

  4. Too early to get excited about the bitcoin bounce.
    I think a rejection from $5800 ny $6000 level is likely to head lower for another leg down. A retest of the 2018 low is likely within the next couple of months.

  5. This is 1 comment I find at least from 100-s of hopium one-s) wait… 95% traders lose money, that’s why)

  6. Steam is going up because everyone’s self isolating and getting bored so we can expect some other companys like netflix to pump too

  7. @Wally Morad Something that is dead is notlong term bullish”. It has to be a flash crash, anything else it will cause miners to attack. Learn the fundamentals of blockchains, please. Most networks that fell below the break even for the strong majority of miners got attacked

  8. Stefanos Zafeiriou No opinion on the validity of your claim. I need to see that on a chalk board in order to follow your thoughts.

    99% of Cryptos have been rising & falling with the price of BTCyes??? So if BTC goes to hell in a hand basket, then why wouldn’t the rest follow BTC down?

    Chainlink….. seems to have a real use. I’m keeping my BTC FOREVER & may start throwing some USD at Chainlink & Ita. What Alts are you hodling? Isn’t Mike Novogratz doing something with Bitcoin Cash? I should go work for him so I can have eyes on his plays.

    PS: Analysing the structure of your sentences/words choosen, you could be a doppelganger for Chico Crypto.🤔😛

  9. As much as i know very little about TAwe had levels of support which i understood according to many videos , and in scenarios other than this one with economy+corona uncertainty, we had just fallen or raised right through like a knife, so i really cant understand how the TA plugs in to the charts/movementsprices.
    Not discounting TA or dissing anybody , but I saw the comments also , like for examplewhat happened to support at …” and they will put the price, and funny enough i spotted it also, it was as if there was nospoon” <- Matrix reference. *sigh*

  10. It’s not misleading do your research it crashes and bounces all the time I’ve made £20,000 buying at the dip

  11. @Crypto Academy As proven by your comment. Well done. We like truth and proof. Now proof us that it is so infurriating that you get the hell outta here and conjoin the real intelligence to be found on YT.

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