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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Most Bitcoin & crypto YouTubers are censored. The list is long: The Moon, Ivan On Tech, Sunny Decree, MMcrypto, Boxmining, Nuggets News, The Crypto Lark, The Crypto Zombie, Chris Dunn TV, Altcoin Daily, Crypto Daily, Datadash, Chico Crypto, Node Investor, The Modern Investor, Crypto Tips, That Martini Guy and many more!

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  1. Thank you Carl for all your help over this past year. Maybe use this opportunity to build you brand with a website and upload your videos there. Either way good luck and I hope you get through this!

  2. If I was to mass attack the crypto space using a loophole, I’d do it on 12/24 when NO EMPLOYEES would be in the office. Reason I believe that’s what we are seeing

  3. Type in the searchHighImact Vlogs Andrew Yang.HighImpact is one of many shadow banned YouTubers. You will see NONE of this content or his account even shows up. Look at the view counts for the results. Now just type his YT name without Andrew Yang. Go to his channel, then search Andrew Yang from within his channel. This is old news but unfortunately most people have been unaware of the changes to Google & YouTube over the past 3-4 taona.

  4. On December 10th YouTube updated its terms of service. Google has no intentions of promoting free speech and open discussions. They want to be your netnanny and bring you Google approved content.

  5. Here in Brazil, in Portuguese, we also suffer from this witch hunt. More than half of the crypto communities suffer censorship or exclusion. Salude Carl from Brazil.

  6. Reminder Bitcoin shirt sponsors Watford FC ⚽️ Up against Sheffield United live on TV today Boxing Day from the EPL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

    Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving yet another day closer ….….🎄☃️

  7. Its plain as day,

    Its the governments ( Mainly the U.S) pressuring YouTube to stifle freedom of speech and choice. anyone with even a touch of logic can see whats going on.
    you tubes community guidelines are so skewed and unfair to creators its not even remotely funny.

    December 10th has essentially destroyed the platform for anyone that shares real news and insights that are not inline with government ideologies. Cyrpto is just another in a long list of targeted censorship attacks on anything the system deem a inappropriate for them.

    The COPPA is just another lip service policy that gives media giants the power to pull or ban essentially anything they want for what ever reason they want when ever they want.

    people really need to wake up to the systematic erosion of all your rights and freedoms. we can just sit around while these governments and companies merge into the one world government they all seek. these are issues that will affect us all in the long run. they take more and more from us everyday and yet most just take it like the sheep that they are.

    i mean listen to the video….REALLY LISTEN, you tube isn’t even responding to concerns from creatorsWHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU…. THINK PEOPLE THINK……..

  8. Move to Dtube or 3Speak on the STEEM Blockchain, decentralized and they pay you in crypto direct to your wallet 7 days after you post

  9. @Savvy Bytes I simply cannot find a bitcoin atm in Rio de janerio is what I am saying. Most Brazilians don’t even know what bitcoin is. When I go to places like Panama and Singapore it’s different .

  10. This is exactly why we need decnetralized technology. I dont know about anyone else but I have noticed a ton of content has been taken off and not just in the crypto space. Suppression by companies and governments causes new innovation to come about which is exactly what they are scared about. Youtube has gotten so bad in the last couple of years. Does anyone know of another good video streaming platform thats either decentralized or at least for now not nearly as restrictive?

  11. Gabbard is a fine woman and a good candidate. I’m not sold on Yang, anefa. I’ve done the math on UBI, ary, sorry, it just doesn’t check out. Read up on, and study supply and demand (most of you should already know that on a channel like this). I know Yang denies it, but it’s not very convincing once you do your own experiments. Here’s a quick thought experiment: Let’s say you rent out an appartment to a poor guy. The rent is low. Now imagine that he gets UBI. Would you allow your guy to get the same low rent now that you know _for sure_ that he has a steady, fixed income? tsara, I don’t know what you would do, but I would immediately set up rent to reflect that income. And if I would do that, then certainly my neighbour would too, and so you’d have massive inflation. But I do know why Yang is pushing UBI. He is suggesting it for the same reason that Caesar wanted to increase the grain dole in Rome; to make sure that his elite friends could stay in power another 30 taona.

  12. @kebman The video I’m referring to is against Andrew Yang and UBI. BUT when you try to find it, all you get is pro yang garbage because the censorship.

  13. Here we trade more in exchanges and via peer to peer, we have no atm.
    But Brazil is big, the size of the US, ihany 1 percent of the population knowing or using, will already be over 2 tapitrisa mpampiasa. Here in the southern, more modern country, many know and acquire. Bitcoin is for the future.

  14. Etsy ankilany, let’s say you own a thousand apartment units that you are renting out, and some politician proposes to fire most government workers and have something called UBI instead: Would you support it? If I was that dude, I would. 😉 It would mean that I instantly earned a lot more on the appartment modules I’m renting out. But of courseEveryone earning above UBI would be forced to pay for it, meaning fewer people could afford to buy a private appartment, meaningmore people would have to rent. From me. <3

  15. @UCZ4ZsaVds1qe1Ve-KxxFooQ The government spends what it makes in one year from taxes in one month. Soon it will spend it in 3 weeks, avy eo 2 weeks, avy eo 1 weekeventually someone’s got to ask why we are even paying taxes? But that’s an argument I make towards Andrew Yang UBI supporters who believe he can get the money from UBI from taxes. All it’s going to do is keep the printing presses going and fast track us to hyperinflation.

  16. It is not the coppa or conspiracy theory, It is just that Youtube is becoming a paid platform like Netflix. So they are purging all small YouTubers and others that do not fit in this scenario, dunno what criteria is for staying channels.

  17. @kebman Alphabet is heavily invested in fiat, crypto poses a risk. Just as crypto poses a risk to the government. It’s about protecting their precious fiat. Trump has stated that bitcoin should be banned,this is just one way of doing it.

  18. @Jas_ 4ever Crypto has an incredibly small market cap compared to fiat. It’s tiny. If it posed a threat what so ever, it would have been completely banned by the USA already. Instead they resort toprotect their citizens” avy amin'ny “scamssuch as ByBit, because invariably gamblers don’t know how to deal with leverage.

  19. As well as Bitcoin shirt sponsors Watford made another great choice in signing one of the architects of Leicester City’s Premier winning season, Nigel Pearson, all bodes well for the future assuming YT don’t pull Watford FC videos

  20. They want blockchain but not decentralized currency. They will push; central bank digital assets possibly with their own gold backed digital stable coin. They are attacking Bitcoin.
    How many pro XRP channels are being delisted?

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