Why Bitcoin’s Price is Done Dropping

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Why Bitcoin's Price is Done Dropping

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  1. Personally I would never invest in it for the long term, there’s money to be made but I believe swing trading it over a short term wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  2. its a classic bull trap in disguise, price will continue to fall once enough weak hands are on board againits a repetitive cycle during a bear market

  3. No offense, but all your videos are almost identicalsome super bullish titles about bitcoin and cryptomarkets with almost no fundamental evidence or technical analysis to support your extra bullish opinion. Your videos are pure speculation to me

  4. A thing I forgot to mentionwe know that cryptomarket will go up at some time, the question is WHENso keep saying for several weeks/months that bitcoin will go up until you are correct doesn’t mean anything, so please stop posting like 1 video/day with extra bullish titles just to clickbait

  5. Back to 10k by the end of April for sure. RIP for those whom got out of the market completely during this period.

  6. Taxes are probably putting downward pressure on cryptos. After April17th, the markets will probably give a better indication of what’s to come.
    People who took some profits in December now have to pay taxes on them. Worse yet prices are down so they have to sell even more cryptos to pay the IRS.
    The cryptos are still getting a bump up on Fridays, payday for many people.

  7. technical analysis can just twist thing up in notsMt Gox thousands of bitcoins flooding market

    This is going to go lowerright through your best TA support levels

  8. RonnieRumblez You are right on the money, crypto are still new and markets too volition. Not a long term investment. Short gains for small profits. Cryptos will eventually settle and find their place in the market but you will not see those big gains again.

  9. Im betting on 3600-4200 low, and slowly going up to 8-12k, before a bull run late 2019, ending at 40-60k.

  10. its definitely correcting itself. and i believe that once bitcoin goes up everything else will go up some more than others! mikasa

  11. Cheers for this, been searching foris investing in bitcoins smartfor a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard ofZenavid Nenillian Plan – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.

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