Why Bitcoin’s Price Could Return to $20,000 Soon

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Why Bitcoin's Price Could Return to $20,000 Soon

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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    So long as we have governments with the power to tax and spend in their own currencies, digital pseudo-currencies will never gain traction. Bitcoin and its imitators are a zero-sum game in which the sum of all fiat currency paid for it is the sum of all fiat currency received for it, excluding mining costs. The earlier participants are now cashing out the billions that newcomers are putting into this distributed Ponzi scheme. Play it for entertainment value if you want, but remember that you are purely betting on the greater stupidity of others.

  2. Bitcoins blockchain has problems with scaleablity, difficulty, block reward halving, and miners! Another thing thing is that bitcoin blockchain takes up most of thof world’s energy, and in the future it will require even more and more energy to keep bitcoin blockchain up and running! Like I said Im sure somethings got to give! HOW CAN THIS BE SESTAINABLE?

  3. Guys, If u follow history, It’s the previous trend, If I am not wrong BTC was at 2500$ in March or April 2017, It was then @ 21000$ in late 2018, So It’s more of a store of value than payment modes. #mikasa

  4. Hey man, Please upload some Moral boost video when it goes above 11k or 13k to convince investors like us who put millions in the BTC, Have a blast!!!

  5. andian-tsoratra Chain 777 We also have to consider that we have green energy like solar panel that could create electricity. There is always a way. Tech is evolving.

  6. Very possible. Bitcoin hit $5900 in early February, but it was over $11,000 two weeks later. You can’t fall asleep with Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a history of making 25% gains in one day. All it takes is news about positive regulations, sns.

  7. BLACK05GO1 I understand totally with what your saying but people don’t realize with all this regulation coming into the market it’s going to drive out all thevolatilityin the crypto marketplace. Basically crypto will become just like regular stocks as far as the price swings are concerned. When andIFthe markets takes another bull run im cashing out because there won’t be another bull with that type of volatility again.

  8. It won’t hit 0 u fukers u guys will FOMO again soon lmao n get it pumping again , PUMP and DUMP from u fuks that are so blinded crypto is priced through supply and demand it’s only down because everyone who got into crypto trying to get quick rich lost sm😂😭

  9. 1SYCRYD I humbly disagree. This is internet 2.0.

    Goldman Sachs thinks so. Otherwise why would they buy The Poloniex exchange for $400 Mill?

    Because if it’s infancy and fractured markets it much easier to manipulate and whales are having their way at the moment.

    Bitcoin doesn’t have institutional money yet, there’s still a big upside

  10. Everyone beats up on bitcoin energy usage because it’s easy to calculate. How much energy on a macro level does Goldman Sachs take.

    I would venture a guess that it’s even more than bit oin

  11. Please do not put your heart and soul on bitcoin. Remember there is always better coins and better technology such as increased security and faster transactions etc in the future. No body know for sure. Remember myspace and friendster started earlier than facebook and it beats them all. Good luck.

  12. All the doom and gloom naysayers. Look at a weekly chart. Every year Bitcoin has closed higher than the previous year. Also we are currently higher than we were this time last year. Everything else is mumble jumble. You say not enough data? Where you born yesterday? We have charts that go back at least 8 taona.

  13. Bitcoin is set to do a dramatic drop on the weekly chart to the mid 4500 area , but that should prove significant support, and our rebound should happen from there. Ankoatry ny, we have a bearish engulfing bar on the weekly from last week which would reinforce the bearish trend but then as mentioned support should kick in big time.

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