Why Bitcoin May Be The Best Thing You Buy In 2018, And Why These Experts KNOW A Bull Run Is IMMINENT

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Why Bitcoin May Be The Best Thing You Buy In 2018, And Why These Experts KNOW A Bull Run Is IMMINENT

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  2. Bull Number #1 (Chimaf?) is closest to the trend i calculated using aworst-casescenario. He’s about 4 years earlier (2037AD) than my Million dollar calculation, but when you add in the usual margin-of-error into the calculation and factor inflation, his calculations appear to be almost exactly the same as mine (independently). I think anyone calculating via optimistic estimations is basing on thebest-caseperiodic-spike scenarios which are probably more likely, but they cannot determine bull/bear periods.

  3. Way better narration, thank you!
    So bullish, I like your consistency, a lot of other guys flip flop way too much, you seem to get the long term goal and understand what btc really is. 👍👍

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  6. No, not more than 10000$. 100K $ would mean that we have 15x in only 3 volana (actually 6600$). That seems me impossible!

  7. Why do you think McAfee is wrong ??? Once most people in the world realize that Bitcoin indeed is not going to die because the institutional investors are all joining in, the price would sky rocket. Everyone will FOMO

  8. My bank US Bank just closed all my accounts(in Kansas) including my sons(Kansas) and my parents(whom invest in bitcoin in Iowa) we all received letters yesterday in the mail. We have until the 19th to get money out. The reason because we violated terms of services. we have been with US Bank for 15 years and my parents 25 taona.

  9. The herd mentality is an incredible thing to observe. If you all think you’ve seen FOMO just wait until the big boys on the NYSE and Nasdaq start throwing phone numbers at it. The 2017 Bull run will fade in comparison.

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    For those of u that have earn kindly donate to proof those people saying this is not real

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