Which Bitcoin Miner is Best Under $1000?

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Which Bitcoin Miner is Best Under $1000?

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  1. Let’s not make this too complicated, you should talk about how much BTC could be purchased for the same price. Mining is not looking good at the moment when you start looking at those numbers and weighing risk. Better off buying BTC, especially if we see $8k BTC. I suggest talking about this dynamic, it would add more value to your content. I’m sad to say this because I’m expecting my s9 to arrive in February.

  2. var1328 [mother comes to dinner table with power bill in hand and agitated look on herbface] “you told me that noisy thing in the basement was just something you were playing around with, and it wasn’t anything to worry about

  3. I’ve noticed the s5 become profitable occasionally, in fact the only reason it is likely not profitable right now is due to the price of all digital currencies dropping, but the s5 does become profitable from time to time, going in and out of that profitability window, although personally I wouldn’t want something that could so easily one day change from making me a couple dollars a day to making nothing, the antminer s7 however I have always seen stay profitable, that is as long as you don’t have an insanely expensive power bill, but the s7 has always stayed profitable every time I checked, although I’m sure one day that will change.

  4. Although really if you can’t afford an antminer s9, I would consider something like cloud mining, or ethereum mining, I’d say cloud mining would make you more money faster though, considering how expensive graphics cards are

  5. Yo if I wanted to mine with a ryzen 7 x1700 and gtx 1070 ti’s what motherboard do you guys think is best for mining?

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