What’s Happening with XLM & THETA? XRP Partnership, Monero Upgrade – Crypto News

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Both Stellar Lumens XLM and Theta Token have been doing well in 2019. Ao anatin'ity lahatsary ity, Mattie gives you the latest from XLM and Theta as well as Monero's recent upgrade Ripple XRP's new partnership.
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kintana Lumens (XLM Coin) is so close the Biggest Next Cryptocurrency Bull Run Gains
ny https://theoofy.com/19661/stellar-lumens-xlm-coin-is-so-close-the-biggest-next-cryptocurrency-bull-run-gains-xlm-news-today-sun-mar-10/
ny https://www.ccn.com/why-stellars-xlm-price-rose-11-20-in-three-days

Stellar Blasts Through Resistance, Climbs Over 10%

ny https://u.today/stellar-price-prediction-how-much-will-the-cost-of-xlm-be-in-2019-20-25

DigitalBitsAccelerating Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Adoption

Theta Mainnet launch 15th March, Theta Fuel Airdrop

Incoming Airdrop and Mainnet Launch for Theta

ny https://medium.com/theta-network/updated-theta-mainnet-details-snapshot-block-height-and-1-5-theta-fuel-airdrop-4430522a179d
ny https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/binance-confirms-theta-network-theta-token-mainnet-swap-and-tfuel-distribution/
ny https://www.chepicap.com/en/news/8036/theta-soars-over-30-as-btc-fails-to-break-4k.html

Founder of Ripple-Backed Startup Pushes for Mass XRP Adoption at 3.3 Million Online Stores

Founder of Ripple-Backed Startup Pushes for Mass XRP Adoption at 3.3 Million Online Stores

Monero XMR Upgrades Protocol

Monero Successfully Upgrades Its Protocol

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What's Happening with XLM & THETA? XRP Partnership, Monero Upgrade – Crypto News

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  1. I;m not really in for free ETH. I just love your news and your videos you present.

  2. Timestamps:

    Why Stellar Lumens is Pumping – 1:55
    Theta Token – 6:06
    Theta Airdrop and Mainnet Launch – 7:32
    Ripple XRP News – 10:50
    Monero Upgrade – 11:33

  3. “Founder of Ripple-Backed Startup Pushes for Mass XRP Adoption.” LOL. That’s not a headline, it’s a daily pitch. The XRP Army is always pushing for adoption. Not judging, just observing. Thx for the daily vids!

  4. The best part about crypto is that Altcoin Buzz can be talking about a coin pumping, and by the time the video is uploaded, it dumped again :)

  5. Theta: nothing they do requires a blockchain, the platform solves nothing, therefore eventually it’s worth nothing. Top that off with a shi.t token air drop to pump the price and alot of indirectpartnershipslisted on the Theta website and you know eventually it goes to zero. Following the classic Chinese Hustle pattern. Paying to get listed on key exchanges as well as paying big nameadvisorsto borrow their names is all part of the hustle. The roots of Theta are in China even though their SilverTV office is in California. The majority of people working on the project are Chinese and the website translates to Chinese. Like it or not, scams like this are common in China.

  6. The positive side of a crypto winter is the stress test for alt coins. Survival of the fittest and a winter extension will produce the best of alt coins not the worst.

    Donate to charity.

  7. I’ve just have some questions for anyone involved recently in blockchain since last year: Have you been strong enough to don’t invest yet in the market and are just watching Altcoin Buzz and other channels you trust for find the right time to enter in the space? And how many of you feel that you shouldn’t invest last year and learn more before going in?
    Thanks for the news Maddie, don’t worry about the voice. Always good to hear you. Easy to understand for us that are not English native speakers. 0xEc015555B57f96355fa7D2f16D5763b83371737E

  8. Thanks for always providing great news, really appreciate it, ETH Address is:


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