What’s Happening to the Price of Bitcoin & Crypto? Bull Run or Bull Trap?

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What is happening to the price of Bitcoin, is this the start of a bull run or a dangerous bull trap?

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What's Happening to the Price of Bitcoin & Crypto? Bull Run or Bull Trap?

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  1. I think the markets are missing a key component of the equation and that is OTC volume and prices. I suppose when (raha) that market recedes and more is done on the open market, we would know more. Until then, I’m of the opinion that forecasts are darts thrown at a oscillating dartboard.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Mark Dow trade closure. That’s certainly food for thought.

    Just as importantly, Bitcoin Rat seems rather active again, have its whiskers detected a change in the crypto weather?

  3. I just decided to come back into the market after leaving in January, so that should say something. I bought BTC when it was on it’s $2500 rise, efa ho 2 years ago now! I don’t want to see $2500 price again, which is why I’m buying in again now. I don’t think a retrace to that level is healthy for the market. I think the bubble has burst and we are right were it should be, ny $3000-$4000 range.

  4. Bottom at 3000 or at 1500 is actually not important at all. If you believe in Crypto, and invest long term, all the current prices are good investments! Patience is a virtue guys!

  5. Being emotional can be really devastating. People in their ego want to hold on when obviously things have gone sour or emotion comes to play and then they have the feeling things will get back because everyone says so instead of diligently carry out their own careful research and dealing as should be. Looking at the charts, reading the news, understanding the crypto and blockchain system all says one thing which most will not admit. Bitcoin will continue to crash but it will never hit zero and it will survive. Basically bitcoin is all speculation and the probability of bitcoin going above 10000 is extremely remote and will fluctuate between 3000 ary 10000. I am not saying crypto is bad as i have made lots of money already and still making money off crypto, i am saying you must be strategic when dealing with crypto. Know when to buy (which is now), know what to do when you buy and how to go about it. My advice is never be discouraged with the current value as this trend presents a very critical and important time for turning in profit but by day trading and not hodling. Some will hold for years and have nothing to show for while others will trade with the right set of strategy and tools and turn in good returns in few months. One person i would suggest you seek his advice and guidance on trading because i personally have used his services is Jeanne kirby *(Jeannekirrby@gmailcom)* . She is someone i have worked with and used her strategies both in bullish and bearish markets and i could say i owe her my success today in the financial markets. Her analysis are so sound and that helps her generate very accurate signals which i still use today and with which i have made over $75,000 already in profit in the last 1 month even as the market remains bearish . You can reach her by the mail address provided and ask her for any assistance you may need as regards cryptocurrency and how to profit as a trader

  6. I am one of those panic traders, not until i met Mrs Jeanne kirby, i made $12,500 in 5 days with a startup investment of $2000. This woman is a genius, All Thanks to crypto expert kirby.

  7. Look, i’ve always enjoyed my times watching the Crypto Lark, but i just don’t know if i can continue now. Everything is different now than what it used to be, what i came to enjoy and deeply appreciate. i just don’t know how i can feel okay about watching this without the mustacheWhy did you have to do it Lark?? WHY.

  8. I have been able to save up $14,000 from my uber job , i am 22 and currently thinking of investing in some BTC maybe for the main time incase BTC adds a little figures. please am i on track with this idea?

  9. go get some BTC about 3 na 2 would do.
    mining would also be very profitable and sustainable now BTC is lower in dollar rate.
    check out cryptocrow800@gmail .com you could also love his Mining deal
    i have been mining for about 3 months now and despite the crash i have cashed out almost three times my investment

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