Trillions of Dollars in Cryptocurrency Market Projection

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When you examine the global money supply you will discover the potential use case of cryptocurrency and how the market share could be. In this video we analyze the global market value for stock markets, gold and silver along with other asset classes. There is trillions upon trillions of dollars in circulation. Where will Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency get to in time?

Trillions of Dollars in Cryptocurrency Market Projection

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  1. Problem is most of the money in cryptos is young money. It will happen but gonna take time till they get older and have more cash. Most of us don’t have money until we are around 30. Spotty teenagers and 20 something’s aren’t gonna moon this stuff. We need the old money and get it into main stream circulation.

  2. Yeah your right there ,a ledger nano that supports heaps of coins would help for a start, like im in 50 plus positions and its a little messy.

  3. I see I am not the only one who noticed that. That list is as phony as the dollar bill. The real rich people are not on any public list.

  4. Moran? Isn’t that a city in Wyoming, USA? PS: who said american? I’m from Germany, one of the most advanced and progressive countries in the world 😉
    PSS: why are you weirdos lingering on a crypto channel if you are bitcoin-haters?

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