Trade.ioDemocratizing The Financial Markets? Next Big ICO In 2018?

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This is a Sponsored ICO Review. With that being said, we only feature ICOs that we think in our opinion has potential. is looking to solve a billion dollar a problem in the financial industry by democratizing the financial markets, creating transparency and ultimately give power back to the people. Heres our take on ICO. website – ny
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Trade.ioDemocratizing The Financial Markets? Next Big ICO In 2018?

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  1. Someone needs to revisit Ember Coin from Altcoin Buzz, changing to a GPS mapping service on the block chain!

  2. Enigma could be huge. It’s a good project and their team is MIT bred. Catalyst is just the beginning. There are very good interviews with both Guy and Tor on youtube and their whitepaper is brilliant

  3. I appreciate the effort you put into making this video.

    But you’ve just gone through the home page like reading its content :/ After watching this video, all I know is that you think they are a great ICO, why exactly? I ask myself. I don’t know the answer from this video :/ You keep sayingthey’re giving the power back to the users” ..sns. But you have not gone through why exactly. What’s the whitepaper saying? What are they bringing to the table?

    Thanks again for the effort man 🙂 I do appreciate the content and discussions in this channel.

  4. We need a video about ember coin swapping and what is gonna happen cryptopia coins and every exchange different prices.

  5. Hi Ayman, thanks so much for your support. After watching the video again now I can kind of see what I need to work on for future videos. Thanks for pointing that out.

    To answer your question this could be a good ICO because of how big of a problem it could solve. It is essentially democratizing the
    tsena. By giving back power to the people, I mean that that it will finally be
    a trading and financing platform for more than just crypto assets which focuses on transparency and being efficient. The people will finally have power they deserve. It will also have Forex and CFDs over precious metals, menaka, commodities, indices, global equities and more as time goes on.

    They also plan to launch more than 120 products at launch. There is tons of room to grow especially with regards to scale.

    Hope that answers your question. Thanks again for the feedbackShailen 🙂

  6. SNM is a protocol right? I’ve noticed that being able to distinguish coin, token from protocol can be important as far as their future. protocol’s are more like investing into commodities.

  7. You guys should do a video where you introduce yourselves. I think most of us are expecting Jeff when we tune inIt’s hard to trust the opinions of someone that we’re not use to hearing from. Love the channel!!

  8. Good constructive criticism. I also wonder how this ICO garantee the security of their traiding platform? Or I guess thistraiding platformsuppose to be an app like software that you can use to trade/convert Bitcoin to hundreds of altcoins back and forth. Those people should learn lots of lesson from Mt.Gox, Youbit’s failure. And also recent Nicehash hack, don’t they? Electronium had really effective marketing performance, but when will the actual secure app come to market and being tested/prooved to be secrue?

  9. As they state, the ember pos generates new coins every day, so they have to devalue the current c oins to fit into what they plan on doing with the new coin. So you could see a 1:10,000, or even 1:100,000 exchange rate
    none of that really matters, so much as the worth of the new coin, if they were smart they would link it into something like pokemon go to gamify what they are trying to do. It is all pretty suspect going forward, but like jeff said, just put a few bucks on it and see what happens. The key is the small bet on an assymetric (outsized gain) so any one winner can pay for 20 na 30 losers.

  10. Yeahthis ICO is bs. 600 tokens for 1 Ita???? Worst video I’ve watched from this channel. In order to make a profit from this ICO it’s need to be in the top 100a lot of similar projects to this. Bad signal alt coin buzzbad signal.

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