Top Penny Altcoins Under A DollarHoliday Cryptocurrency Edition

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This is a list of some of the top penny altcoins under one dollar in the cryptocurrency market heading into the Christmas holiday.

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Top Penny Altcoins Under A DollarHoliday Cryptocurrency Edition

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  1. I have a position in almost every coin mentioned in yout video. I’ve been acomulating coins for long time now, and all my portfolio was build with HODL long term in mind.
    Doing pretty good just with my very diversified portfolio staying still.
    Verge, Cardano, IOTA, Lisk, PowerLedger, ChainLink are some of my favorites.

  2. I noticed you always right click to open links in a new window, if you click your middle mouse button over a link it will automatically open in a new window

  3. Hey Jeff. I don’t know how long you have been invested in crypto but could you tell us of any crypto that had come out strong and has now disappeared.? It would be good to balance out some of this craziness for your viewers. Just so people don’t accuse you of leading them astray. People hearthis is not financial adviceso often that in a bull market the human ear cannot register those words. lol (but it is so true)

  4. Tron is a game changer for digital entertainment. The head of the tron is boys with Jack MA owner of Alibaba and is already being used in Asia. Huge potential

  5. CBD Will Change Your Life probably cause it just doubled in price. He talked about it a while back before it got to .2

  6. I did the same, just wish the bankroll was a little bigger, 100 bucks is nice but add a zero to that and you’re talking. So many opportunities!

  7. Well he gave some terrible advice. Safex isn’t on any exchanges now and VERGE crushed that ATH recently. Far from the best crypto YouTuber. Too sure of himself. Verge increased 22x.

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