Top Cryptocurrencies that help Bank the Unbanked!

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Ao anatin'ity lahatsary ity, we talk about how cryptocurrencies can help bank the unbanked. This is a big issue for many people all around the world.

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Top Cryptocurrencies that help Bank the Unbanked!

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  1. BAX is literally the only coin which will not only give people access to ‘banking servicesbut an actual gov approved banking account, Idk how this has been missed

  2. Since they’re not mentioned babb(bax) is working to get banking licenses in 3 different regions. Are in the processing phase of a partnership with fintech. Office building is in the center of the UK banking region(one canada square) surrounded by 5 major banks and are located 14 mins from the bank of England who they’re looking to get 1 of their licenses. Support real projects people.

  3. None of those products will reach someone who doesn’t even have a bank account. BAX is what you really should be talking about for this topic.

  4. The most hopeful project for theunbankedis BABB which isn’t mentioned. This review seems more concerned with theunderbanked”.

  5. Wow, I thought I was the only one that was expecting BAX to be mentioned and was surprised it wasn’t. Hey maybe they just didn’t know about it. BAX is very promising in this area.

  6. Have a look at CASHAA (CAS), Banking the Unbanked for the next Billion.
    Beta for their platform already completed. Targeting big markets with India , Europe and Asia as their initial and primary niches from the start. Working closely within the lines for regulations and being accepted by governments in a positive light. Way ahead of its competitors in many aspects.

  7. BAX looks good regardless, but it could also be massive. They have a couple patent and license applications that are under the radar right now. If they get those granted, as well as a successful app launch…. BOOM.

  8. I remember when many altcoin fans were asking Jeff to talk about BABB/BAX he treated them all as shillers and said he would never talk about BABB on this channel. I’m glad you guys came to your senses. BABB is working on 4 banking licenses and will most likely land one making this project blow up in the near future!

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