Top Brand New Altcoin Cryptocurrency To Watch in 2018 – UTRUST & QLINK

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We have some new Cryptocurrency to watch that are fresh to the market. The Utrust coin and the QLINK coin. In this video I also talk about a wildcard semi new cryptocurrency called Storm.

Top Brand New Altcoin Cryptocurrency To Watch in 2018 – UTRUST & QLINK

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  1. lambo is so clichelike Tai Lopezif you can’t find an amazing car thats not a lambo, then why not get a tribal tattoo and a butterfly tattoo on the small of your back as well

  2. Lars I had to send ETH straight from Coinbase to Kucoin. It’s been over 14 hours now. I’m hoping it’s just a major delay

  3. Denis Barbosa That’s correct. Once I have the LTC transferred, I sell it to get BTC. Then I purchase them with the BTC. Even though I’m doing extra trades, they’re still cheaper (and faster) than transferring straight BTC.

  4. Frozenwaffle haha, the same had happened to me with another coin. trick is to find and buy before Jeff gets to it

  5. marina, I am overwhelmed holding 10 coins already, everytime a new altcoinbuzz video comes out I get stressed cuz there more coins I want .

  6. Ryett QSP is my largest coin as welljust waiting to 2020 to see what’s it’s going to do….I believe late 2018 it will explode

  7. More likeno I will not watch any coins at 5am in the morning because I have been glued to
    the computer for the last 8 ora”….and yet, I reply to a comment on a coin videohm

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